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1) Chicago is a 2 hour drive from Indiana were you can get a gun in your happy meal.

2) Mass shootings aren't just about gun laws. They are also an issue of media exposure and a cultural obsession with mass murderers.

3) Let's point out that the killer is a pro-Nazi Trump supporter, let's not conveniently ignore that. Especially after what happened at the capitol.

4) Gun laws work when the system is funded and you don't have half the government crippling gun laws and reasearch into gun ownership. Try getting nuclear grade uranium and you'll realize how effective gun laws will work.

JoseAguacate(124) Clarified
1 point

No, I don't know about the grand communist plan.. please tell me. I haven't read the literature. Actually I'm not sure what you brought it up in an argument about the Trump supporters attacking the capitol that turned out to me BLM/ANTIFA/Lizard people operatives. No one here is talking about communism.

They are pawns of the true enemy of America... the English monarchy. I though I made that clear.

Looks like solar causes the Earth to warm more than oil based pollution.

That's not what the paper says. The paper is talking about how solar power plants affect local temperatures. This is not a study about global temperature increases due to fossil fuels compared to the the Photovoltaic Island effect.

Go ahead, the stakes aren't very high. Go full Nazi on me daddy.

Pipelines are about transportation and efficiency not production. You can still bring petroleum/gas through other means. Nord stream is about russian production of gas. The prices are being driven up do to the cutoff of Russian fossil fuels since they are a mayor producer.

What is there to argue here? What does the study have to do with the green new deal?

It's okay outlaw, you can use my heat-proof bunker when the rapture... I mean when climate change destroys the planet.

It gets worse. The Antifa BLM operatives were actually controlled by russian spies in order to destabilize US democracy, but the actual mastermind is Queen Elizabeth trying to take back the colonies.

Who knows what else is going to be uncovered from this...

Which caused the inflation and high prices we see.

You do understand that it's the federal reserve (not Biden) the government entity that controls the printing of currency? and that the two currently driving factors for inflation are covid restrictions worldwide and Russia gas/oil imports.

Your solution for a populace that can't afford the basics is tax them more.

With current tax laws, if the IRS was funded properly and persecuted weathy individual illegally evading taxes, it would be more than enough to cover the budget deficits. As for increasing taxes, taxes don't go into a black hole. There are established methods of using taxes to stimulate economic growth.

By "out of money" he means they have no more purchasing power.

I was being factious about the gold... Out of money didn't mean the economy ran out, Biden is talking about budget allocationand asking a Republican controlled congress to approve more money because that's how the system works.

Purchasing power isn't related to a country's internal economic engine but a relative measure of many currencies comparing the potential ability to purchace comparable goods. That's why you use the price of a bigmacs or the ratio of gold to silver as stardand candles.

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