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RSS JosephStalin

Reward Points:39
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and yet you still supports crapshitholeschism .

JosephStalin(39) Clarified
1 point

Amarel got that dookie doodoo smear congealing his keyboard with a thick layer of mental feces hole. If you is be too stupid to ascertain the praxeological analysis of my butthole and realize that niggaz be po' up in this bitch cause they is be havin' a long ass history of oppression then yall honkey ass be some stupid ass cracker jack donkey deep throating dunce.

Khan fucked more peeps up inv the titty holez than mah boi Vlad dawg you namsain? But khan ain' do em' like mah niggaz Vlad you honkey boner doggy flogging doggy biscuit boi. Vlad be straight finger them up in they booty holez and shovin' them spikey sticks up in they ass ya feel me?


I agree comrade but sadly after my army collapsed Russia isn't the same

2 points

The only time you can be (fairly) sure the other guy isn't cheating is when you play bullet chess. That way they don't have enough time to input moves into a chess engine.

I think a few people have used an engine on me but most games have been legit so far. Unfortunately bullet chess is the opposite of what I prefer because I like to sit there thinking for an hour before I make a move. A few days ago there was a player who told me they had over 2600 points on their original account and I managed to beat them. Then I played against someone with only around 600 points and they beat me. (I currently have 710 points)

Where have you been hiding lately? This site isn't the same without you.

I'm trying to assemble my neurons right now. I need to commence the next phase of the operation.

0 points

jonsnowsmomsuncle: Greetings comrade

You want to bring back the USSR?

Pazhilayabukaka: Yes of course

I want little communizm

jonsnowsmomsuncle: I'm a socialist/marxist myself.

Pazhilayabukaka: Lenin wake up

You wrote “I’m “



jast “we”

jonsnowsmomsuncle: No, I am a socialist.


just we


You're Mingiwuwu. The color references are too obvious.

2 points

If genocide was the goal, then Israel is the worst genocider in recorded history. My God you’re so full of it.

Never heard of Palestine eh Amarel?

Shut up you neo-Nazi pooper scooper noodle sucking alfredo faced baboon deepthroating parmasian cheese spagetti hole.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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