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RSS Jrob

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1 point

No, we live in a great nation. The United States of America. The ultimate goal of terrorism is to destroy this nation, and it is because of our greatness as a nation that we must not allow them to succeed. We do not attack first, but you can be sure that if you choose to challenge us, we shall fight back with everything we have.

1 point


1 point

I'm not an atheist, but if I was, I would probably believe in some natural reincarnation.

2 points

It's better to have a smartphone, but really, it's not that big of a deal.

1 point

Age of Ultron all the way! Do you all realize how big this is gonna be! Here's a quick list of characters confirmed to appear: Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Quicksilver, War Machine, Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch! And possibly more! This is huge! The 2012 Avengers will look tiny with their 6 avengers! May 1st can't come soon enough for me!

1 point

I am a teen, (16) and do not have a job...but not of my own choice. If my parents would let me get one...

1 point

Yeah, he's cool, and I like him. But some people take it way to far!

1 point

I have to say super-speed. I know there's a lot more powerful ones out there, but for me, I don't want to rule the world...I just want to not have to worry about getting to my destination in time! Plus, it would be really fun!

1 point

It makes the world better by giving me something to chuckle at!

0 points

Umm, yeah! It's kind of in their name! Right there in front of your nose!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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