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RSS Juan

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Considering the fact that SOAD's songs are very understandable, Muse's lead singer sounds like a guy getting anal from an electrical power tool. Most of Muse's songs are very weird.( well also SOAD) BUT SOAD is the better band because they are polittically intelligent into which the panzy ass Muse is very gay and uttermost homosexual songs are only meant for the techno songs built in Germany. The differences between both bands is that one is more KICK ASS than the other. The most notable difference is that SOAD is better known (even though on hiatus). They have a better impact on the world than Muse. One song that i most absolutely hate is Knights of Cydonia. Im sorry Sam, but that song sucks the most vinegary salty repulsive balls on earth. You failed at trying to get me into Muse. If I were on a secluded island, 1000000 million miles from civilization with the band Muse, I would literally rip their legs off, feed their legs to sharks but only keep a pair, and make them fight each other for one of the legs. END

3 points

Uh... No because my parents make me wait for like an hour and a half. I personally think that a public school should stay public, even after school. I don't know why some teachers decide to be mean and tell me to wait out in the rain. Like this one time, Mrs. Hertenberg(berger?) made me walk from the front office to the cafeteria entrance on a rainy day and really got me angry. She told me that I couldn't go through the front entrance because too many people roam around the halls. In a way, . I think that sometimes there are scenarios where a random person waits on school grounds for a ride, and a random teacher gets mad for no apparent reason

(Bipolar maybe?) and calls security. The student then gets a warning and later a ticket for not leaving. I really don't feel like getting a ticket for hanging out with friends half an hour after a school event. I think that it should be an hour after an event.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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