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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You are so disgusting.

1 point

Excon, you are nit very good at debating. You sound like a teenage girl.

I do sometimes wonder if he is a teenager due to not being able to see things from the adult perspective.

1 point


January 6th, January 6th, January 6th. Epps? Never heard of him. Let him go.

1 point

Communism and Nazism are the same thing according to George Orwell, so what is your point Commie?

2 points

Honestly the man is so amazing at blocking out anything of importance that doesn't directly impact him

Like premiums so high you can't afford to go to the doctor despite having insurance and that you can keep your doctor when you can't keep your doctor.

2 points

When Trump says the virus will magically disappear, does he gain support or lose it?

Neither because no one votes on virus ideology.

And even if they did, the leftists pretend the virus is gone each time they rush their own streets to destroy their own cities.

1 point

Nahh.. It's capitalism.. I thought right wingers LOVED capitalism.. No, huh?

White liberals say it's colonialism.

1 point


You forgot to address this.

"So were the Jews. The white liberal now tells us they are too rich and successful."

2 points

Both.. Being enslaved for 400 years certainly victimized black people, and it takes a lot of work to overcome that.

Wasn't black unemployment the lowest in history just before the white liberals decided to not let anyone open their business? Didn't they just intentionally take away your progress?

0 points

Any anthropologist will tell you that Jesus couldn't possibly have had blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin, that's all a fiction.

I rarely see a depiction of Jesus without dark hair.

The people who lived in or near Israel at that time were brown skinned dark haired people.

It was a multicultural part of the Roman Empire.

They looked more like Africans than Europeans.

Based on what?

So Jesus has been whitened and why? Because racism and white supremacy is involved.

Jesus is Asian in Asian cultures and black in black cultures.



° 1d147ac584bf26c4986bc1f82f1d76b7.jpg

I'm not saying that it's intentional or overt, it's just something that has evolved but that doesn't make it right.

Are black Jesus and Asian Jesus right?

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