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RSS JulieD

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2 points

It doesn't matter how rare they are. One is ample enough.

Blacks are committing the majority of crimes? Umm, so the good ole boy white network no longer exists in Texas? Yeah right!

I've often wondered if conservatives lack the empathy gene. Personally, its not something I would brag about.

3 points

Is it a shroud? Yes, it seems to have wrapped up a badly beaten man.

Is it from Turin? Well, its kept there, but it was discovered in 1355 in France by a soldier of fortune who never explained how he got it or even where he got it from.

So the real question is - does it belong to Jesus? I think highly unlikely. Some suggest that the person wrapped in the shroud was actually still alive, maybe unconscious or in a deep coma.

Carbon dating puts it at the 1250 - 1375 a.d. although the researchers say they could have tested where it was repaired in the middle ages.

1 point

That's how our government keeps us all under control. Up the scare tactics, raise the alert, and we all fall in line, while slowly but surely, our freedoms are being eroded, all in the name of safety.

Amazing what a couple of box cutters did.

2 points

As of last week, here are the stats for US executions - top 8. Texas put to death Cameron Todd Willingham for example who was innocent and has had 41 exonerations since 1989 and many of those people were on death row. Again they were predominantly blacks.

Texas 465

Virginia 108

Oklahoma 96

Florida 69

Missouri 68

Alabama 50

Georgia 49

North Carolina 43

Not to put too fine a point on it, but all southern states.

1 point

You do know that Texas has the highest false imprisonment rate, don't you? Predominantly blacks too.

2 points

I was going to exclude serial murderers, then realized this was an all or nothing question.

1. Murder is wrong. Period. Nothing justifies state sanctioned murder.

2. Depending on the person, many people are not the same 20 years later. Some murders are done spare of the moment, it doesn't make it right, but people can change. Crimes done in younger years may not be committed again as an older person.

3. There's no need for the death penalty. All you have to do is put them in with the general prison population and it will be taken care of - its all a matter of survival of the fittest and won't cost us a penny.

1 point

Just had a thought. Over 2000 years ago, and probably still today, I bet fires were kept going 24/7. Not like they had a box of matches or a lighter.

It truly would be an everlasting flame for people to be burned on. Plus any sick person could be burning up with a fever, hence their feelings of heat. The word hell dates back to pagan times and I believe bonfires were quite common. Anyway, could be the difference between a burial or a cremation, just a thought.

5 points

That is a ridiculous argument and every atheists on this board is proving you wrong, unless you beleiee we are all off murdering people.

Religion is the cause of too much hatred and death. Without it, I truly believe that mankind can become more civilized. Unfortunately, it will take thousands of years for the ignorance to be driven out of our world. Today, religion is the root of evil!

3 points

If god is omnicient/omnipotent and omnibenevolent, he knows everything and already knows the outcome and what humans are capable of. Therefore, why create evil in the first place? However, we are made in his image and he does evil deeds himself, so I guess that explains our behavior!

Free will has to mean more than a choice between good and evil (and lets face it, the definition of evil changes with modernisation). For instance, Jacob is free to choose one of the money lender's daughters, he can't quite decide which one, but he'll get there eventually.

Personally, I think empathy goes a long way to making a human 'civilized' but that's another topic.

1 point

How could we possibly answer that? We haven't actually had a conversation with god.

Anyway, hell is based on the old testament --and god is a truly evil, vengeful , malicious god, so yes he would definitely send people to hell. The culture at the time the bible was written allowed for atrocities anyway.

The new testament - supposedly a more benevolent god? Well, yep he would. Break one his commandments and your arse is shipped to the inferno.

So now i'm answering 2 questions: 1) the god in the bible would send people to hell. 2) A benevolent god wouldn't though.

Ergo -- god is not a benevolent god. Assuming there is a god, which there isn't.

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