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RSS JunkyardDog

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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Nahh. I’m not voting FOR Joe Biden. I’m voting AGAINST Donald Trump. Why?

It is a great testimony against the left that you had no answer to your question. "Why"?

1 point

I'll be happy to.. Send me $100 referral fee, and I'll tell you.. What? I LOVE capitalism.

Then why would you be a Democrat?

1 point

They aren't ranked higher than the U.S. based upon the list I gave you, so they aren't even better at 1 thing.

1 point

DUDE! Cuba has GREAT health care.. The US does NOT.. Those are FACTS.. Informing you about facts is NOT supporting Communism.. It's supporting FACTS...

The U.S. healthcare system ranks 15th in the world and number 1 in the world in Health expenditure per capita in international dollars.

and no country near its size is in the top 40. Now list out everything the U.S. is better at than Cuba.

1 point

Why are Democrats attacking archive sites for archiving all of their past statements

Because Communists need control of information and history.

1 point

His pay raise will be Bubba in prison.

1 point

In other words you admit defeat. You should go on all of the other debates and wave your white panties there too.

3 points

I read the article and caim to this conclusion. We have no evidence, but it must have happened, and don't look at our fraud that has actual evidence.

5 points

It was well reflected over the long course of this debate that Hootie is a retarded child who probably has flippers.

3 points

1)"Can't debate a video. We are here to debate you."


2)It might have a virus.

3)That time CNN admitted it's fake, multiple times, a debate Excon chose to not participate in. That timeCNNadmittedCollusionstorywasfakethatlibspretenddidnthappen

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