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RSS JustIgnoreMe

Reward Points:4323
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JustIgnoreMe(4323) Clarified
1 point

or Charlie Brown's shirt.

(where's nom for the brown-shirt ref?)

JustIgnoreMe(4323) Clarified
1 point

once we figure out daylight saving time, the rest will sort itself out.


JustIgnoreMe(4323) Clarified
1 point

surely a cunning linguist could lick the problem...


Here's a case for permanent DST (same as ending DST, but shifted back an hour):

Less accidents

Less crime

Less energy use

Better sleep

More recreation and economic activities

JustIgnoreMe(4323) Clarified
1 point

but the other side is orange, which is red+yellow.

So, only scared Republicans?


Left sides matter!

You do know that Pocahontas was the name of a real person, right?

you should at least remember that there was a Disney movie...

Both sides would be wrong to support it, but some Democrats think they should because they know Republicans will eventually change the rule.

Pete Buttigieg: "We should consider it. I mean, that’s something the senators have to figure out but it’s got to be on the table because our sense of fair play among Democrats has bitten us far too many times for us to be naive about it."

The Senate should have a higher bar of consensus, but the trends are that Republicans would have a hard time getting to 60 Senators, and sometimes even with they have a majority of Senators, they represent a minority of voters.

Admitting new states is not something a president does - it would require a compromise to get through Congress.

Because they know not to trust that he will treat it with the nuance and care it deserves.

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