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1 point

Sure. Original statement in the debate description was that this was why the poster hated religion. Religion on its own refers to any large scale belief system about the universe. Common religions include Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism just to name a few. If you religion pisses a person off then that means they dislike all religions. However the original post giving reasons for the hatred, cited only quotes from the Christian bible and only came from a select group of people interpreting the Christian bible. On the whole scale of religions that seems like a very very select group to base an opinion on.

1 point

I mean that's how the law is. At least in the US. You can not legally ever give consent when you are drunk or high, and having sex with someone without consent is legally rape. Many times it does not matter because people did want to have sex and are okay with it afterwards, so no one presses charges or cares.

0 points

I think it is impossible for any ONE overarching attribute to make anyone a bad person, except for something that describes there previous actions (ex. murderer). It is very dangerous to make a grand sweeping statement about any group of people. You might feel that most Christians that you have met are bad people, but that doesn't mean that Christianity makes you immediately bad. Just like being of a specific political party, or race or gender or nationality doesn't automatically make you a bad person.

2 points

Well dont you have a narrow view of the entire idea of all religion.

2 points

Getting anyone drunk and having any kind of sex with them is rape, regardless of age.

1 point

If being gay is a choice, how about, as an experiment, you chose to be gay. Just for a day or so.

1 point

But new atheists do have a cause: to get rid of religion in the world because they see it as harmful

1 point

sure. Next time your in a descending elevator pick up a box.

Unless your question is referring to something in free fall, in which case either you are standing, so as soon as you touch/hold it its no longer in free fall; or you are also in free fall in which case both you and the object are experiencing zero gravity so you can move it, though not exactly lift it, as that implies pulling up against gravity.

-1 points

I think in general when someone is extremely aggressive about their beliefs it tends to turn people off. The intense fan girl makes you hate a band, the extremely partisan individual makes you look for flaws in their party. At least in my experience, when someone strongly asserts that their way is correct, over all others, then its only affect is to make me look for flaws in their argument, or just begin to dislike their point altogether.

1 point

Some people would say though that evangelicals spreading beliefs does hurt the christian cause.

I have known many people who strongly dislike Christianity because their only interaction with Christians has been highly evangelical ones. They therefore view it as a brainwashing cult, full of highly conservative idiots, and would never consider it as a religion.

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