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Yes, today college football is based upon your ranking in order for you to get in a college championship game,this is not fair. Take USC for example, they themselves are in a weak conference and have the most money for recruiting in the country. But if some podunk city has a magnificent college team in the same league and have the toughest schedule in the country and dont, lose, is it fair that they shouldnt get a chance at the national title because they started the season unranked. Another team is USF, two years ago, came to the spotlight as this big underdog who had won every game on their difficult schedule but didnt recieve any recognition for their season until the end of the year, when they barely cracked the ranking. Thats why there should be 32 team playoff at least with analysts, deciding who gets in, thats their job, dont leave it in the hands of the BCS because they still have their heads up their butts since they keep putting USC in the championship and they get spanked three years in a row.

me too son, how can you forget about me frenchie. come on.

I am from the great state of Alaska, the only state that still remains mostly untouched.

He has yet to remove anyone, what he has said and what he has done, are two completely different things. He may say the best thing is withdrawal, but he has to do anything but deploy more troops.

I agree with the american dream, but not everyone can live the "american dream." If everyone was living the american dream, we wouldnt have people doing ordinary but needed jobs. Fixing disparity doesnt have to come from the wealthy, there is no need for these rise in taxes, if Obama took troops out of the middle east,like he promised, it wouldnt require the billions of dollars for funding, which can go toward other things.

What I "love" is that, he had promised during his campaign that he would remove troops from the middle east, that was one of his main vocal points. During Bush's presidency nobody would shut up how Bush keeps sending troops and funding this war, but since Obamas presidency has started, he hasn't removed any troops, but deployed more, but you have nobody complaining about that. Thats what I "love" about him, you don't really hear anything from the democratic public about what he needs to do better, because he has a lot of them in a trance because they are still so awed at how he has overcome such diversity, blah blah blah, I could care less is our president is purple, who cares about the color of his skin, and if you vote for him because of his promises, fine, but if you vote for him because the color of his skin, the american public doesnt deserve the right to vote. I hate that he isnt being held accountable for his "promises" that he delivered during his campaign trail. I guess all the presidential election is, is telling the american public what they want to hear, even if you have no plan on carrying it out.

It is perfectly fine, but I believe that the United States should return to having quotas as they did during WWII. This country is already overpopulated when you take a look at school, jobs, and the community, we dont need millions of people coming to our country to force us to expand into places that could contain very important natural resources.

Haha, thats so sweet of you JC, it made my day. Hope you have a great day too CD master.

If the egg came first, there would be no way it could hatch, the egg needs warmth that a mother provides, thus the chicken must have come first.

Please check your spelling. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, steroids x2, harmful, athletes, certain, their, person, now thats corrected.

Yes, these steroids have been found to cause many "issues" , or diseases/tumors, but, if they want to put themselves through that torture, and it's open to anyone and everyone, then why not, just have regular drug tests, so you can see who is taking them and who isn't. You do this so you can set aside a separate part of the Records Book or you can neglect them all together, and never put them in any records books.

You do this, and I guarantee you, that most ML players will, and would decide not to use steroids, and any enhancing substance, if it could jeopardize not only their career but their life.

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