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2 points

No. There is a time and a place for people to realize that invading someone’s privacy or questioning actions goes beyond what is necessary, and then there is a time and a place for people to speak up and not mind their own business. Where to draw that line is often debated, but there is clearly circumstances when it is best for people to speak up and not mind their own business.

For example, slavery in the United States. If people just minded their own business and did not speak up against injustice then the Civil Rights Movement may not have prospered.

Second example is child abuse. Often children are not able to speak up for themselves. Sometimes it is outsiders that notice something is odd and contact the proper authorities. The parents (or adults) who are abusing the child are not going to come out and state they are doing this, nor will they cease the abuse, so someone needs to step in and help the child.

2 points

MegaDittos: I am new to the site so maybe I did not word correctly or given enough specific information based on my curiosities. The reason for my question was a curiosity based on a personal friend of mine’s thoughts. She has a high school degree and raising two children. She is currently looking for a job and in the search has found that the only jobs she can qualify for are low minimum wages that would barely cover her fees per week in childcare costs. The fields she would love to work in have minimum entry level requirements of a bachelors or master degree. In talking with her she feels as if she is “forced” to either go back to college to earn that degree or accept low paying jobs with little or no benefits which would still put her in a struggle just to pay the bills per month and necessary expenses.

I realize there could be a different interpretation of “living comfortably”, but I was initially meaning it to cover just basic necessities of life without having to worry about paying bills, medical expenses, childcare expenses versus extravagant or luxurious living expenses. If my friend did not have any children she stated she would be in better condition with those wages (certainly not wealthy, but "okay").

This has caused me to question the role of college in our society in connection with the labor market. Sorry for any confusion and lack of information.

There are different aspects of addiction. There is a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. Take a smoker for example. The nicotine actually causes physical changes in the smoker’s body. When someone tries to quit smoking they will first go through the physical and psychological addictions, but over time the physical diminishes, while the battle changes to psychological. People who have quit smoking for years may also have a dream of smoking and wake up having that “urge”.

2 points

Personally, I support “computer”. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my television, but able to do an expansion of activities on my computer that are not yet available on my television. For example, I love to learn and the computer aids in looking up information to satisfy that curiosity. I enjoy conversation and it is quite one sided with my television. I love taking photos of my family and then scrapbooking and digital art; can’t do that yet with my television. I webcam and instant message on my computer family and friends that live far away from myself. Ultimately, my television is just to watch movies and I can accomplish that and more on my computer.

Though.. I don’t doubt that there will come a time when the television technology reaches that of the computer.

I agree, money in today’s society equals contentment, which equals happiness. While this is certainly not a absolute, the truth is our society revolves around money. If you do not have money, you are going to have a difficult time finding a decent roof over your head. Another life necessity is food. While there are food pantry’s where you can get a free meal, people really need money to obtain food for a healthy diet.

Money doesn’t just buy our “basic necessities” anymore as the lines are becoming quite blurred as to exactly what a basic necessity it. We are in the technological era were the majority of people have a cell phone (including children and teens). Computers and internet is another thing. Those thing are not free—you need money.

If you don’t have money you are in poverty. Poverty is a dreadful and stressful feeling. To worry about how you are going to pay bills is the direct opposite of content, thus, unhappiness.

So on a philosophical level money is really not the point of life (or at least mine), but in reality we live in a society that revolves around it. Being we are social creates and really can’t escape that, our happiness depends on how we can actually live in that reality.

First off, I can understand you are upset and if everything you are saying is legitimate, I can understand and agree with your anger. The fact is there is always going to people who use the system correctly and people who abuse it. You stated that you had to go on food stamps and though it was a last resort for you, it was still there for you when you desperately needed it. Unfortunately, this family you are talking about is abusing the system.

The problem is regulation and accountability within the system. There are people who need it, but don’t apply for it (as you stated for your husband) and only will use it as a very last resort. There are people who could do more for themselves, but choose not to. There are people who really do need some type of help, even if just a tad bit until they are better stabilized, but they are right on that borderline of not qualifying and don’t receive the help they legitimately need.

So while I certainly support the tax payers and do not advocate abusing the system, I oppose demolishing the system and support finding ways to reduce the misuse and abuse of the system or help those that truly need the help.

3 points

The internet exposes us to more language and literature at the touch of a button. I am able to search through thousands of journal articles, news articles, blogs and books instantaneously. This increases exposure to correct grammar and spelling. Of course, the exception is not everyone who uses the internet has those skills to begin with, so people are also subjected to writing that does not follow correct grammar. Best bet is an education to learn those skills.

I just signed up on this site today, so I’ll add my thoughts.

The picture I choose is an abstract art I created myself a while back. I love the blending of the colors and it is one of my favorites.

I thought of the name “justthoughts” because often in many debates there may not be an absolute yes or no answer; therefore, the thoughts I will be expressing on this site is ..just thoughts.. based on my experience, education, perspective, interpretation and reality of life.

Personally, when I think of this statement the first thoughts that come to my mind are society’s social construction of “right” and “wrong” and how people "should" act according to societies constructions. For example, society expects people to be clothed when they leave the house and go shopping. It is not acceptable for someone to decide they no longer wish to wear clothes and one-day hop in their car naked and take a shopping trip. Should this happen people would look at this person as stepping outside of societies borders of what is right and wrong and acting uncivilized.

This is a great video, thank you for sharing this! I consider myself one to highly value human rights. On that same note, I find it unfortunate that all too often these human rights are not upheld. For instance, “everyone has a right to a decent wage” is not consistently implemented.

I feel there is a duality to this: these rights are needed and can be implemented, but given the complexity of our society today and competing interests in many fields this is also a view just beyond initial grasp. This does not mean it should not be taught. It means that there needs to be more emphasis on human rights and accountability to uphold those rights for each and every individual.

Winning Position: Negative; it’s hurting

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