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RSS K1ll3r

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Are you retarded?

Did you watch it all?

Laurie counters the arguments. She doesn't "slience" her. The feminist is sterring from them....

Dude, you contradicted yourself.....

1 point

What the hell?

What kind of arumnet is that? Another sand-based argument.

Get out.

2 points


Look outside the country?!? That only confirms FNC's arguments! Look at Europe! Their own leaders are begging for less bias. Your argument is based on sand.

1 point

It is really neither.

Rush, and Shawn are radical conservatives. They have a lot of facts, but hand-pick them. But I still like them.

While Glenn Beck is probaly the only guy there on FNC who shows just the facts. I see no facts that are not verifiable. His argument Health Care was great, along with many others.

FNC is mixed up.

I look to local news for verifiable facts.

1 point

All it takes is a little bit of research to see this is a total fallacy.

Also, the hottest year on record is 1934. (Proof: Confirmation: science/sci-temp15) )

It's all propaganda. Government trying to get control. There is nothing wrong with the enviroment. Sure, there's litter, but you don't see animals dropping dead everywhere, do you?

1 point

"Many scientists believe that the Earth has reached its maximum limit in supporting 2436...I believe not... unless we can predict that our technology will be advanced enough to solve this problem at that time."-We probaly would have found other planets that can sustain life and move to them to that planet. We HOEPFULLY move animal and plant life to that planet. Just think 3-Dimentionally.

1 point

"Of course I do...the falsehoods that you stated here again & again are right here in black & white for all to see."- Then why hasn't anyone else responded to it? Hmm?

"BTW, don't like being laughed at eh?? Well, know that when others read your utter nonsense here that they'll be doing the same"- It's been for three days. Someone would say smething.

"BTW, don't like being laughed at eh??"-People don't laugh in debates, last time I heard, I thought this was a debate site, not YouTube.

1 point

""LOL...the concept is, moron, guilty until proven innocent. It's one of the basis of the founding our our nation BTW."- facepalm American CITIZENS, CITIZENS! Not insurgents.

"You've successfully proven my point very nicely...that torture is NOT an effective way of interrogating people, period end of story."- So? Do you think we honestly use it for info? Hehehehe. If you noticed, I googled that, hee. I wouldn't use something that I found on google as an argument. Don't believe me? Google "torture is effective"

"Wrong again wing-nut. As I've pointed out to you numerous times now, torture is illegal under both U.S. AND International Law, and there are NO exceptions to this prohibition."- You must be stupid, which is something I can't fix. SELF DEFENSE! Google it if you have to. Man.

"Once again, you back up my point that there are ZERO, legal exceptions to when someone can be tortured, period.'- I said it earlier, self defense. You said nothing against it.

"Another Right-wing opinion piece being passed off as "fact"...ugh...learn to know the difference between stating FACTS & merely unsupported opinions, moron."- I've never laughed so hard in real life. All right wing opinions are wrong? So much for un-biased! And these "facts" you get, I've noticed, from the same sources, left-wing papers and news. When you get BOTH sides of the stories, I'll listen and take this seriously.

"Alan Dershowitz is a well-known appologist for the Right-wing. His opinions mean nothing to me."- Right Wing is always wrong? The all powerful left wing is always correct? Pfff. You've only gone to CNN and BBC sources, both KNOWN for left-wing biased opinions. Fox News is also biased, conservatively. biasbasics2admissions.asp

Timesonline is somewhat biased.

But media research is FACT. I do wish they did something on Fox News, though.

But I digress.

Bring terrorists into the US isn't right. For the safety of us,and them. I think Copenhagen proved when people have probelms, they get angry.

Also, it may not be effective(you got me there, pretty good) but the US and everyone will use it. As you know laws, not matter how serious, are always going to be abused. No matter how "immoral" it may be, it will always be abused.

And torture is EFFECTIVE in small cases, like if you're protecting your family. But internationally it is not. I never said it was justified national, actually, I never specified.

Your smarter than I thought. :)"

Finish the arguments you steered away from.

1 point

Moron, hehehe.

Coming from the one who loves to steer from the subject.

I'll just say what said again, and maybe you'll respond to it.

""Facts are facts...learn the difference between biased opinion & real, verifiable facts."- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! What facts? New York Times, Washington Post? HAHA!!!! Oh God, that brought a tear to my eye. Tampa Bay Tribune is not biased. Use that for once.

"...because you obviously are."- completely independent, dumbass.

"All humans have rights because they are human, period."-

Ok, I'll hang a few bodies in your front yard and see how "human" you think I am. By the way, if you take this as a threat... oh God, you're retarded.

"Of course you can...with FACTS. Opinions that are not based on verifiable facts are worthless...just like yours are, moron."

lolwut.jpg is needed here. What verifiable facts? You've only spammed CD with liberal media. With nothing to verify it... I've backed up my info, you can simply google my info, and find that it is backed up well.

So much for not responding."

1 point

"Blah, blah, blah...what's your next "argument" going to be Nazi-boy?? "And so's your mother!" Please, you've run out of mildly coherent things to say in this thread...therefore, I'm DONE responding to you ramble on moron..." I never said that. You are really stupid. Your lack of any knowledge is disgusting. Stay in school to get smart.

"Nazi-boy"- Not all Germans are nazis. Stereotypical bastard, my grandfather was sent to Concentration Camps.

"Please, you've run out of mildly coherent things to say in this thread"- What gives you the idea this is a thread? This isn't a *chan.

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