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1 point

let's take a look at the relationship that the u.s. had with iraq, iran, and china. first of all, iraq. the u.s. put sadam in power and supported him for over 20 yrs. the u.s has also supported iran. since sadam decided to trade oil in euros, america decided to over throw him and install a pupet regime that obeys u.s. orders. fact of the matter is, as bad as iraq was, they were backed by the u.s. the same went for iran. in fact, the only reason why iran is black listed by america is because it wont allow u.s. oil corporation in there to rob them. do you ever wonder why everything is made in china? its because nixon went in there and struck a deal with deng. in fact, it was america who gave china the most favoured nation status. prior to nixon going into china, there were no sweat shops as we know it today. america also supported china's entry to the wto. egypt is also a widely known puppet government of the u.s. in fact, the cia regularly kidnaps people and tortures them in egypt.

Supporting Evidence: Details of American crimes against humanity (
1 point

im not saying the usa is a perfect country either, thats why the u.s. constantly overthrows democratically elected leaders, frames others for being terrorists, promotes false propaganda about other governments via their liberal media, purposely crashes others economies, ie through the plaza accord, forcefully sets up sweat shops, creates oil spills, pollutes the environment, wastes resources, robs resources, kills 1 million iraqis.

1 point

obama wont win but what difference does it make who wins? whoever gets elected will carry out the orders of the corporations just like all the others. civil liberties will continue to disapear, the u.s. will continue expanding their military. it will start new wars with people. rich people will get further tax cuts. you can call me nostradamus.

1 point

maximising their own life spans by minimising others. great plan. seems to go hand in hand with capitalism. torturing detainees to get them to admit to crimes they never commited while ignoring those who do commit crimes. i can easily say that if the u.s. was eliminated, how many crises would have been stopped, especially since 70% of wars are created by the u.s.

1 point

racist people should be locked up in jail, and then fined. while they are in prison, they should perform slave labour.

1 point

most of the racists i have met have been white. i have actually looked on the web for racist websites made by blacks, asians, or hispanics, but have found none. on the other hand, i have found numerous racist websites made by whites. i have found blacks to be relatively open minded towards other cultures while whites seem to be very euro centric in their thinking.

1 point

i cant explain how capitalism is evil but it seems that alot of corporations are very vicious is busting up unions, but they also are very nasty when it comes to competition. alot of corporations such as dole go into latin american countries to destroy their competition so they can take over the industry. goldman sachs for example forced the government to bail it out. slave trade was also capitalism. do you see the evil in that? how about opium. that is essentially how britain got rich, by poisoning other people. how bout selling crap to people that they dont need? what about ponzi schemes? bernie madoff ring a bell? capitalist america bombed out iraq, korea, afganistan, and viet nam, but i didnt see a communist country bomb out the u.s.. if i plant some apples and sell them. that isnt evil, but if i go into your orchards to poison your crops, so that i can sell more apples, then that is evil. unfortunately, capitalists dont know where to draw the line and often resort to these kinds of tactics. check out the plaza accord. it is something the americans forced the japanese to sign. the americans though the japanese were profiting too much because they thought that only americans should prosper in this world. it crashed the japanese economy.

1 point

please also tell us the people your father defrauded, scammed, cheated, and ripped off

1 point

democracy can never co exist with capitalism because in order for there to be rich people, there has to be poor people, and the rich people will never want the interests of the poor to be represented. thats why corporations are constantly busting up unions. it is also why the corporations always send economic hitmen into countries to overthrow democratically elected governments who do not allow sweat shops to be opened. one obvious example is indonesia. many other examples exist throughout latin america.

1 point

the problem with your argument is that you assume everyone is as greedy as you. if your argument held true then there would be no doctors at all in viet nam, china, or cuba, but if i am not mistaken, cuba has more doctors per capita than the usa. you should also check to see if there were doctors in the former ussr, east germany and various other communist countries. if i am not mistaken, there are more engineers, phds, and scientists in communist china than there is in capitalist usa. if your right wing theories were to hold true, then everyone would be unemployed. in fact, i can tell you that the chinese work way harder than any american would. id argue that a society with class is pointless. why should anyone have 5 cars, and 5 houses, while there is someone starving to death, or sick. just because someone cheated and got ahead at the expense of others?

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