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2 points

That's weird. Left wing media reported it.

That's weird. They also reported that your Fuhrer is likely to have obstructed justice in the Russian collusion probe, but you don't seem to have mentioned that at all. No mention anywhere. Weird.

1 point

He's literally correct. Ban for lying.

You are literally him using a puppet account, and you are literally a lying Israeli shill. If that story proves that Obama interfered in the Israeli election then by the exact same logic this story proves Putin colluded with Trump to fix the American election:-

You are a LIAR.

2 points

Thank you for confirming what the Right says about people like you on the Left.

Thanks for confirming that you are INSANE.

You are very angry

Of course I am angry. I am reading your highly offensive, childishly stupid partisan ad hominem attacks. This is offensive for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that you beat your own kids, yet somehow feel especially qualified to give the rest of us lessons in morality.

2 points

I misread what came before the word

I'm not interested in hearing excuses about why you were wrong, you hilariously arrogant little retard. The fact is that you attacked me with your usual idiotic lies, and you made a fool of yourself in the process. Even now, despite being wrong, you continue to try to attack me because you're STUPID AS FUCK.

This is truly of no consequence.

If it is "truly of no consequence" then why did you write an entire post about my "bad grammar"? Ahahahahahaha! Jesus Christ you're so stupid it's almost unbelievable. You literally can't write two sentences without contradicting yourself.

KFC_Lord Clarified
1 point

Sure we can.

Oh you can? Then why do you use multiple accounts to downvote and harass everybody who disagrees with your Nazi bullshit? That's a patent violation of freedom of speech, as protected by the constitution.

The fact is that you don't give a shit about the constitution. It's just another obstacle in the way of your alt-Reich paradise.

4 points

I used to think so, but now you’re here saying it and everyone knows that everything you say is a lie because you are literally Hitler.

ROFLMAO. Give it a rest you fucking imbecilic narcissist. For once in your pathetic joke of a life admit that you got something wrong instead of blaming other people for your own fucking stupidity. The fact that you can't comprehend the mechanics of your own language doesn't make me Hitler, and the fact that you can't admit you are wrong even when it is blatantly obvious that you are proves you are the liar.

-4 points
-3 points
-4 points
-4 points
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