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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

We're not here to insult rather to establish facts so please do not use abusive languages in this debate

1 point

I don't get it. Could you please explain in better terms so I can really get the message. I've seen a few of your debates and it's pretty good and sorry to say who's Dana.

2 points

POOR SUCKERS? Really, are you kidding me right now? Look I don't know who you are and what you're driving at but it's clear everyone hear sees you as a racist and if not everyone most people. Stop judging black people simply because we have a different color of skin. What would you do if you were black, would you kill yourself? You make being black sound so bad when it's actually not.

2 points

I am not a leftist like you said and I never said everyone was racist. I said and I quote "This argument is racist." You're only trying to shame Kamala and to me that is just wrong. It's messed up

1 point

Yes of course. Science can relate well to morality and even science in some ways teaches morality so yes I believe science and morality can co exist together

3 points

You don't know for sure what happened. You stick to fake news and report and might I remind you that Kamala has also helped a lot of people innocent people at that wrongly jailed get out so your point is unreasonable and only based on RACISM, you Trump follower.

3 points

I think you're only saying that because you're a racist, Kamala has done nothing wrong and so this entire argument is Racist. She is a woman empowerer and she is among the best of the best in the white house. This argument is only trying to shame her and she is NOT a full-face double masker.

1 point

Excuse you, how dare you. What are whites good for huh, if not being cowards and waiting for the blacks to save their ass as usual

1 point

What if you can't swim or you're traumatic when it comes to water

1 point

I agree, it depends on why you refuse i mean there are many reasons

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Age: 13
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Nigeria

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