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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

If Jesus was just a zombie between the Romans and Jews it would have been stopped within weeks.

You can ask them how come they couldn't stop it since you are determined to join them.

2 points

Yeah its much better to teach them world lies, and how to be steered by every wind of propaganda to be used by world leading morons.

Fyi, Bible is proven. And even giant bones are hidden.

More supernatural is natural than is unnatural.

Archeology ignored by academia proves God.

But go back to sleep.

2 points

Yea its much better to let government teach lies and make your kids idiots.

1 point

Many people willing to look for themselves rather than believe money grubbing Nazis, who line their pockets with fake education, making fools of children because that is easy.

Sad, but true.

Supporting Evidence: Nazi Scientists Led the Lies (
1 point

What? Hell no!

People are crazy and empty and hollow.


1 point

Right, most flat earthers are not Bible thumpers.

I find most Christians love the world and don't want to face this either.

Just as you.

Many have an education they are loyal too also.

Its a shame how people are afraid of truth.

1 point

Lol, yeah ok

Are you a basement dweller?

Go look! Love lies?

Supporting Evidence: Something Funny On The Way To The Moon 😂😂😂 (
1 point

I dont believe BS either.

NASA is BS to the tune of trillions!


So how much did they take from us to put in their pockets, and leave people starving.


I wonder what they will tell God when they account for taking from others and leaving millions striggling and even starving.

Trillions $$$ x 50 years.

1 point

I have traveled ... seriously?

I guess the pilots I posted never fid that

1 point

After most NASA science spacecraft launches, researchers wait patiently for months as instruments on board are turned on one at a time, slowly ramped up to full power, and tested to make sure they work at full capacity. It's a rite of passage for any new satellite in space, and such a schedule was in place for the Van Allen Probes when they launched on Aug. 30, 2012, to study two giant belts of radiation that surround Earth.

Supporting Evidence: Sooo Lucky they had to see it right away ... busted! Lol (
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About Me

"Married w/ 3 young adult girls and 1 granddaughter. Conservative w/moderate. Common Sense is a Value"

Biographical Information
Name: Kathy 
Gender: Female
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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