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RSS Kace

Reward Points:4
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1 point

I would like to bend you over and give you my full carrot.

1 point

By now he has 700 accounts.

1 point

So Jesus ranks in your top smartest people on Earth. That must make you an idiot.

1 point

Find a city on a river.

Find a nice home in that city near the river.

Begin syphoning gas from cars to run the cars of my choice.

Clear any obstructed roads I think I'll need.

Find bicycles for a future time when gas can't be found or gets old.

Look for stores to find food.

Find kayaks to float the river.

Find fishing gear to catch fish.

Gather seeds.

Find areas with lots of fruit trees growing.

Find a zoo so I have monkeys to hang out with.

Venture out and try to find a house that runs off the grid.

0 points

Venezuela is poor because it only sells one commodity which is controlled entirely by the state. They were poor when Obama was in office, before the sanctions. They were the richest country in Latin America before Socialism.

1 point

So what was it due to when ancient cities which are now under water started going under water?

1 point

He probably doesn't think what Trump is doing is wicked, and is pointing out to you that Obama did the same thing, and you didn't think it was bad shit then because it isn't actually bad shit in the first place.

1 point

Maybe you DON'T know that some low paid bureaucrat with the USDA INSPECTS your food to keep it safe..

If they aren't paid well, how do we know the are compitent?

1 point

Pretty lame and gay dude. Unreal Tournament is the best game.

1 point

Nature. The planet has had millions of serious climate changes over billions of years.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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