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RSS Kaira

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0 points

All right, I admit I started this debate just to hear what creationists should say. But since there don't seem to be many creationists on this site, I changed the settings. I think teachers should teach creationism as an example of a hypothesis that lacks evidence.

2 points

If I post multiple arguments on a page, I can't remember how many points they had the last time I logged on, and therefore I can't tell which ones have been voted up or down.

2 points

When I click new rebuttal or one up vote, take me to the precise argument instead of the debate page.

0 points

I understand the position that you are speaking from, but

1. How did the creator come into existence?

2. Why does this creator have to be a God? As I understand, this debate has basically come down to disputing the credibility of the Christian god, which does not necessarily have to be the creator.

1 point

That doesn't mean that evolution is flawed. It's a biological theory, and the creation of the universe has more to do with physics. As to the origin of life, how is the interference of a divine being more likely than chance? Just because evolution does not explain the origin of life does not mean that God is the explanation.

5 points

The theory of evolution is not meant to explain how the universe was created or how life originated on Earth. Sure, we don't know the answers to these questions today, but that's not a good reason to provide an explanation that doesn't really make sense.

3 points

Well, I know quite a few teachers that don't like evolution, but they do a good job of teaching it anyways. And I haven't watched Expelled yet, so I don't know what it says, but the obvious next step in Intelligent Design (pretty much the same as creationism) being scientifically accepted is it being taught as an alternative theory.

2 points

Yes, and it's even more unreliable to prove something with the same source that the thing was from.

E.g. I know pigs can fly because it said so in the book that described a pig flying!

Supporting Evidence: It's the circular reasoning fallacy. (
1 point

Actually, I'm pretty sure that Jesus has been documented in official Roman texts.

On your proselytizing sub point, yeah, I've actually had a couple of people wait in front of my home to talk to me about religion. It's very annoying.

0 points

Oh, in your previous post it seemed like you were saying he DID perform them.

I agree with you in doubting his existence.

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Winning Position: What book should I read next? (I.e. What's your favorite book?)
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