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RSS Kalamazoo

Reward Points:333
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Kalamazoo(333) Clarified
-1 points

The difference between Q and most other members is that he is not only obsessed with this forum but is also addicted to it.

This intellectually challenged rouge has let CD dominate his life and he cannot face criticism so he and his gremlins give multiple 'thumbs downs to opposing viewpoints trying to downvote them into oblivion.

His childish actions would be laughable except that he has ruined the forum for so many other interesting people whose views were worth considering.

0 points



-1 points

What Grenache and xmath have said is spot on.

Quantumhead and all his other little nasty gremlins who are on a crusade to rant, troll, bluster and insult has, either willfully or unwittingly just confirmed himself as the sort of archetypal villain to whom they refer.

I have no particular axe to grind with anyone nor do I have a permanent affiliation with any particular political party, yet with-all , once I express an opinion Quantum is sure to be latching on trying to interpret what was said as a slight on life's downtrodden losers.

Whilst most of the major issues have been discussed many times, every day sees new worldwide developments which offer topics well worthy of reasoned discussion.

Maybe I have been infected with the hostility which exists on this site and overreact at times, but HATRED and BITTERNESS are the dominant features of CD.

Those few members who are afflicted with this failure induced emotional instability make reasoned discussion and argument, ABSOLUTELY and TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

My interpretation of the shocking levels of aggression is that a few members such as Quantum and all the wee quantums have never got past the first rung on the ladder to success in the real world so they come on here to slag everyone off.

Expunging the site of the Quantumhead type characters would be impossible, so the choice is, leave or stay and endure the shallow minded little irritant.

Kalamazoo(333) Clarified
3 points

That's fine minter, I note that the right do refer to her as often as the left bring up ex President Bush junior.

The warring tribes like to engage in the juvenile tit for tat of;- ya boo, sucks to you practice.

Kalamazoo(333) Clarified
3 points

Like a true champ., Hillary is still in there fighting.

The hallmark of a real fighter is someone who can pick themselves up of the canvas and come back fighting.

After being floored quitters throw in the towel, ask for a cushion and lie comfortably on the deck.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton recognize that they still have positive roles to play on the world stage and for one instance are going to Northern Ireland in an effort to restart the devolved government negotiations between the two opposing political ideologies.

Lesser people would have long since retired and gone to sail their yacht down the Mediterranean, metaphorically speaking.

By the way, you shouldn't stereotype people, I'm neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

4 points

1) Google your nearest FAST TAXI DEPOT.

2) Order yourself the fastest taxi they have.

3) Have taxi driver take you to the neared nigger whitening station.

4) have your black enameled skin bleached white.

5) Have your primate peanut sized brain replaced with a good whiteman's thinking apparatus, maybe a Stephen Hawking or Isaac Newton model.

6) Start behaving like a good little reformed, remodeled nigger.

Oh yes you nigger fool, as your reading abilities are well below whiteman's standards you probably were unable to interpret that my post was in support of Hillary.


1 point

Your diversionary tactic is sort of obvious.

Your thread was presenting the fact that taxpayers money is spent on abortions.

I was comparing the expense of this surgical operation with the ongoing expense of the state,( taxpayer) having to meet the cost of bringing up an unwanted, illegitimate child.

Everything else is deadwood.

4 points

She is showing her resilience and continuing commitment to politics despite her humiliating Presidential defeat, which must have been most disappointing.

The average person would have licked their wounds and decided to call it a day..

Not Hillary, she ''picked herself up, dusted herself down and started all over again''.

2 points

By prioritizing the monetary consideration of the contentious issue of abortion you have downgraded, if not eliminated the moral element of the matter.

This being the case we must only assess the financial cost comparisons between the taxpayer funding a termination and the protracted expense of rearing of an unwanted child.

The answer doesn't require a calculator to complete a cost comparison.

3 points

He captured the imagination of millions around the world for his theoretical physics and will be remembered in 1000 years time for his many discoveries but perhaps mostly for proving that black holes can shrink.

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