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1 point

inflict grievous wounds upon President Biden AND our democracy..

Loving the Democrat Party buzz word "democracy" because somehow it sounds like a nice word. We aren't a democracy. We're a republic. In a democracy, if the white neighborhood says lynch a black man, that's what happens. Be glad you aren't in one.

1 point

You'd soon be living in a copless, gunless world.

Hello C:

Uhhh, Dude. Isn't that the objective???

To have an overwhelmingly white world where vigilantes string up who they want? I thought you guys were bitching about that world still.

1 point

If my eyes could SEE some evidence for what you say, I might come down on your side.. But, my eyes see NOTHING

1 point

Here's some news for you.. Rioting WORKS

True. It got the hypocrites who call themselves Democrats to put an "evil" wall around the capitol building.

1 point

Lol. I just read a post written by a Nazi.

Reading your own posts doesn't count.

1 point

"it now looks like the jobs report has been inaccurate for the last two months. BLS has admitted that government household survey takers mistakenly counted about 4.9 million people as employed, although they were unemployed."

I just read an article about people who aren't Donald Trump making an error, then issuing a statement about the error.

1 point

Trump is like an atom - he makes up everything....

You'll have to explain this for anyone to care about your two tiered, self righteous judgement system.

Winning Position: Give me more yo

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