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RSS Karen1018w

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NAFTA is not a good trade agreement for the United States. About 682,900 US jobs in manufacturing have been lost. Some factories have suppressed wages, which produces more people living poorly in the country. In addition to the losses in the US, Mexico's farmers were also losing money because they were put out of business due to cheaper goods coming out of America. Because of this deal, Mexico has also gotten into a pollution problem totaling $36 billion per year.

1 point

Iran should not be able to carry on such plans mentioned by you because of the strict inspections that the US plans to do in Iran. WE are at fault here for freezing THEIR assets... We should definitely return the money back to where it came from because it is not ours to keep... Who's to say that this deal won't work and will cause the destruction of Israel?

2 points

Citizens won't lose their property or become bankrupt. The Constitution will better our nation because it will be much more organized....

1 point

We need to replace the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation is not something a true country should abide by. It has so many issues such as a broke national government which meant that the states could not pay war debts, high state taxes, etc. Keeping the Articles of Confederation would just be disastrous for our new nation.

Karen1018w(7) Clarified
2 points

To clarify,

We should negotiate with North Korea one on one. In today's world, we should try our very best to avoid war. War is very costly in terms of money and lives. All North Korea wants is attention from the world. They do not wish to be looked poorly upon, so as long as if we give them what they want, we can all live in peace. Also, they have developed working nuclear weapons for a certain amount of time; however, they have not used them on another territory, so they clearly do not want to actually harm others.

1 point


I understand that North Korea has threatened the United States with the multiple nuclear weapons they have developed. However, pulling troops out of the Korean Peninsula will leave South Korea and Japan in great danger. Kim Jong Un would take the chance to completely destroy or take over those two territories, and that would make him more powerful and scare the rest of the nations around the world. He would also create a larger nuclear weapon program resulting in those weapons falling into terrorist hands, and then the whole world would be in danger. Since we've been providing aid for so long, and nothing has really gotten hurt, maybe negotiating peace terms will resolve the problem.

1 point

Karen (3)

Option 3 is the best option because it will result in peace for both countries. Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump should form a peace agreement. This option will benefit both countries because we won't have to worry about being attacked, and North Korea can receive some aid from us. According to the article linked below, the author claims "the US military isn’t anywhere close to being ready for war," meaning we can't just attack North Korea. Attacking them would just lead to destruction of the country and possibly our own; therefore, making negotiations with them is the safer way to go. The article also mentions how North Korea has developed and tested multiple nuclear weapons; however, to this very day, they never actually used it to attack another country, so they might not ever attack unless a country is clearly going to harm them. This is why making an agreement with them will be the best way to benefit everyone.

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