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RSS KarlMarx-

Reward Points:24
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1 point

Everything is based on poker theory.

Everything is based on class struggle

1 point

Mingiwuwu never replied to this because he is a homunculus humping sissy-slapper

1 point

I'm trying to understand what you mean by the profit of your labor is stolen by someone other than the government to make themselves rich.

watch 4 minute video to understand
1 point

In socialism the government takes the bulk of the money by threat of force (theft)

I agree that taxation is theft and I agree that socialism steals. It steals back what was stolen by the government, banks and corporations and gives it to the community.

0 points

The left is for state control by definition.

The left/right spectrum was created during the french revolution, the right was the side defending the monarchy and the left was the side espousing egalitarianism and liberty.

1 point

Without oil and gas you have a dying economy there Jewel LMMFAO !!!!!!!!

Kind of like how Venezuela is so poor because of crippling US sanctions and because of it's 2/3 privatized economy.

0 points

The answers to basic questions are the premises to more complex positions. That probably means you won’t care to continue very far.

Yes but you are an idiot and you don't have any complex questions. Your point is probably something along the lines of "the environment only matters insofar as it serves human needs therefor pollution isn't bad".

0 points

Because the existence of our entire species and every other species depends on it you utter simpleton. Why the fuck are you asking such basic questions.

1 point

In a famous speech on Labour’s Day on 1st May 1927, Hitler declared:

You've been caught in an outright lie.

That quote comes from a pamphlet written by a guy named Gregor Stresser. Hitler never said those words.

Jody is stupid
2 points

You're a revisionist dickhead and thanks to your big racist mouth everyone knows you're both a liar and a racist. At this point all of your absurd lies can be passed off as the deliberately dishonest flamebait of a neo nazi troll from 4Chan.

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