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RSS KarlMarx2

Reward Points:7
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1 point

You are a white supremacist ANTIFA type burning down black neighborhoods. Your ideal is to make sure blacks stay a secondary serf class to keep white supremacist left wingers in power. Get out of my movement.

1 point

For the most part

1 point

There is no moon. Outerspace is fake and created in a Hollywood movie studio.

0 points

I did a complete and thorough digestion of the information and proof provided to us. It is most certainly clear that you are a devil worshipper who sacrifices baby goats.

0 points

By examining the full evidence laid out before us, it is clear that you are a recovering devil worshipper who went to the psyche ward to recieve meds that helped you stop worshipping Satan and killing animals.

1 point

CNN is fake news. They're always wrong. If they say it rained, then it was actually sunny.

1 point

Keep it up my child. Do thy master's bidding.

1 point

Well, if the ticketless people set up taco carts, or if they started cleaning up, or if they started mowing the grass, I'd be happy about 'em..

Keep it up my child. Do thy master's bidding.

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About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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