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RSS Katie326

Reward Points:6
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Against the Deal

This deal lifts the sanction off of Iran, giving Iran about $15 billion. The money that Iran has gained since the sanctions have been lifted has mainly been used to fund terrorist and build Iran's military. By the end of the 15 years, Iran's military will be prepared for the war that we have postponed by making the deal.

2 points

With the structure of the Constitution comes the possibility that the rights of the majority will be taken away. Is losing a true democracy worth having the structure of the Constitution? To the anti-federalists, the answer is no. The Constitution takes away the farmers and artisans' ability to participate in government. The only people that would be able to participate in the government would be the wealthy which do not speak for the common folk. The government would simply become an elitist's tool and the common folk's enemy. With the Articles, at least everyone has access to the government and is fairly represented.

2 points

The power needs to stay close to the people. With the Constitution comes a strong federal government that only the rich can afford to be a part of, leaving out the common folk. The "elites" should not be the only ones that have a say in this country. If the Federalists want change so bad, we should just amend the Articles and keep the power in the people. The Constitution is too vague and poses a threat to true democracy! Keep the Articles and majoritarian rule!

1 point

In order to even launch a preemptive military strike against North Korea, we would have to have South Korea's permission because of the current Mutual Defense Treaty between the US and the Republic of Korea. The first problem with this is that South Korea does not want the US to use military action against North Korea. But if South Korea does allow the US to strike South Korea, not only would this trigger war between the US and North Korea, but China would then defend North Korea because the US struck first, according to FOX News. War is not worth taking out some of North Korea's nuclear weapons, there is no definitive way to know if all of North Korea's weapons were destroyed in an attack.

Katie326(6) Clarified
1 point

Option 2, Pressure North Korea to return to the six-party negotiations, is the most logical, safe option. This option ensures that North Korea's nuclear weapons are taken care of and helps to contain the spread of nuclear weapons, all while avoiding war.

2 points

The first option appears to be the best. Destroying North Korea's nuclear missiles is the only way to prevent the weapons from being sold to terrorists while we wait. The missiles being sold to terrorists is worse than North Korea having them

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