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RSS KatieMarie

Reward Points:288
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1 point

When was the last time I ran across one of those animals?

-Well he's not an animal. i am currently with him. He doesn't cry in front of anyone except for me, and he stays strong for me during rough times. He doesn't let anyone get to him, if he does, I never seen it. So I guess I have a piece of that minority.

1 point

Personally I look at someone shoes to get the first impression. Dirty or oil stained shoes can mean a hard worker. Fancy dress shoes usually means that they means business. But on here, I cannot see your shoes so I make up for it by your grammar.

1 point

I believe the world will end one day but all these predictions are a waste of time. Only one person knows when the world will end and he's not on this earth

-1 points

I personally think that no one should have an abortion(Unless its a rape situation) because if your grown enough to have sex, then you should be grown enough to face the consequences

1 point

Jordayne (said like jordan) Marianna Skidmore

That's my daughter's name.

1 point

I am considered a "good" looking person. But i always look at the personality. I believe that the personality is what makes a person pretty or ugly.

1 point

But no one is a "pure" race. We are all "mixed" breeds. In my situation, my mother is latino and my father is from the scottish blood line. I appear white, but then again, I am not. I know some Indians that actually look black. So just because someone appears white/black, doesn't mean that they really are.

1 point

"Going out with a black guy because they're now a fashion accessory."

I've been dating black men before they were a fashion accessory

I am also not "easy".

So i believe that you are trying to stereotype white girls.

2 points

I personally believe the that they are the victims because addiction is a disease. A disease that will never be cured. Even if they are clean, they will still long for that drug, cigarette, or drink for the rest of their lives. They brought it onto themselves but they are still the victims of the disease

1 point

I guess so!..... i just had a baby 6 weeks ago, and my weights gone

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Winning Position: i lost my virginity in band camp
Winning Position: What's your favorite My mama always said line?
Winning Position: Whimsical Women
Winning Position: Television

About Me

"Oh about me space.... fun fun. Haha. Well I'll be a mom in february. Im known to be outspoken."

Biographical Information
Name: Katie Marie
Gender: Dame
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 00903
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School
Websites: Noteflight
Atlanta High School

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