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RSS KayneOfNod

Reward Points:317
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10 most recent arguments.
2 points

Yaas Nicedte Vallin Kampf ter toon Stallia Ken Ver hein Latveria.

1 point



That's what you sound like. you stupid punk. Save me a window seat on the train to hell would yah?

1 point

Well go on, prove me wrong. prove that you've won this argument. lest you're a dumbass chicken with a brain like a 4 year old who can't fathom why God is God.

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2 points

so allowing abortion would get rid of unwanted black kids? Oh right. that was why planned parenthood was founded. A silent genocide of Blacks.


Dumbing down like removing choice from schools so that you have to stay in your feeder pattern even if the school you're assigned to is compleete garbage? oh and lets not forget forcing people to not drop out so that a Highschool diploma is now virtually worthless.


this isn't a single facet problem. but your statement made it seem like every decision the right made was wrong. both sides have some amount of credit, and some amount of detriment, My argument and what I'm seeing of the OP's argument is that we have a culture problem. not a Race, or drug, or education problem. the root cause is that an understanding of Outgroup Homogeneity bias has a tendency to cause Outgroup Homogeneity bias. the only way to get rid of an "US" and "THEM" mentality is by forcing THEM to be like US. which is what schools aim to do. but it instead causes more problems than it solves because the "THEM" have problems with authority.

2 points

yeah, and beards let you know when an earthquake is coming.

2 points

So, like.... I got none of it right. but.... Right doesn't really matter. Philosophy should be like science, an ever changing way to reason with the universe. if the model fits, and does no harm, does it really matter what is mostly right or incorrect? I was taught that Pluto was a planet in my younger years, that diamonds were the hardest substance in the universe and that I don't know, Salt caused high blood pressure. so long as your philosophy doesn't stagnate, it doesn't really matter if you're right or wrong. what works will continue to work, and what doesn't will either die out, or be preserved by a batshit insane minority. and so if tommorrow there was a way that they proved there was a god, not much would change, and if they proved there wasn't... well I'd still go around acting like there was one, and pretend like my actions would be judged upon my death by an absolute moral authority. because the only truth that I hope for is a bright future for humanity, and believing that you are responsible for every choice you ever make, even the ones you do in ignorance means that you are the only one you can blame for what you become. you don't need a God for that, but a God sure helps....If I'm sucessfully making words today.

1 point

and where haven't I won, are you saying I'm wrong and god won't forgive your sins and stuff at this point I'm just typing spurious words that have little to do with my actual claim and am instead making gratuitous personal attacks and calling you a punk, making various accusations levied at your ability to read and use words, still failing to see the real point but in total creating a massive wall of text that does nothing but solidify the fact that I'm a total idiot who has no idea how to argue, and that you are a hellish sinner who's gonna have fire coming out of your butthole for not believing how i do. there's now an element that plays a similar chord to Islam's apostasy. indicating that all religions are bogus becuase God is the only real God and other religions are BS. but now I'm winding down and going to stop on this post, but going to basically keep going on another one which is going to be further removed from the actual argument at hand.

1 point

yeah. that sounds pretty true actually. with the Caveat that halfway houses exist.

1 point

if you're really so convinced that there is a correct side to an argument, then you're pretty awful at being a debate mediator. and at setting up debates in general.

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"I'm an evil cult leader of a cult that came into existence in 1995 after the discovery of the elem-"

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