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RSS Kazerian2001

Reward Points:393
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10 most recent arguments.

People lowball Ben Affleck too much. Jesse overdid his role way too much. Ben Affleck gave us the most comic book accurate Batman to date.

I say current Flash stomps. Both Barry and Wally casually move faster than light themselves. Something that Quicksilver has just currently accomplished.

Humans are too busy fucking the world up. Animals on the other hand live peacefully, live by a natural order. A natural order that does not create chaos.

Columbus brought nothing but genocide to this country. Why should we celebrate the man who's morally responsible for the near extinction of a race. Why not celebrate the race who was here before.

Satanism is just theological atheism, believing you are your own god. Devil worshiping is all that crazy shit.

Evolution is still a theory because there's always new evidence proving and disproving notions. With scientific laws (Take the Laws of Physics), those understanding aren't changed.

Theories can be changed, laws can't

Homosexuality is nothing new. The fact is over 1500 species practice Homosexuality, the fact is us humans condemn homosexuality because we refuse to understand it.

Even though Climate change is a natural phenomenon of our planet, modern day climate change is heavily influenced by Human activity. There's no denying that our world is filled with pollution, just look at the the thousands of factories worldwide spewing gases into the air.

I don't think the man deserves death. Yeah he killed a few people but every Us President of the last century are sociopathic killers and murdered thousands but yet we still celebrate them.

It's possible, whenever ancient man described the gods he always described what modern man would call aliens. Also the human genetic strand is too mathematically perfect to be natural.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

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Winning Position: Apple.

About Me

"I'm a sociopathic, comedic, evolutionist in high school. I'm also black to make things more worse."

Biographical Information
Name: Khalim Hannah
Gender: Dude
Age: 19
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 29906
Religion: Atheist
Education: High School

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