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1 point

Um i would like to see some proof to this fact that 99% of the population of obese people are obese because of their eating habits.

2 points

Thank u! Ive lost 75 pounds follow in a similar diet plan. The main thing is to control the eating because if u cant go exercise then you will just stay at home and over eat. Probably the worst thing is the bloated feeling! cant stand it!

1 point

Yeah but the cost of that is outrageous ($ 20,000 and $ 55,000). Not to mention all the health risks that go along with the stapling. It just doesn't seem worth it to me. lol

If u wanna see the risks and other information visit this site Price-of-Gastric-Bypass-Surgery&id;=1091973

1 point

Ok look at it this way! Just because 4 out of 500 is white only means that the white population took advantage of the opportunities! So your telling me that the reason that there are only 4 non-white CEO's is because they r black? or is it more do to the fact that another person that just so happens to be white was better qualified for that position? Such as football, there are way more black football players then white. So is the NFL being racist as well?

1 point

thank u. Idk if there is more people who r obese because of eating habits or if there is more from medical conditions the point kinda is that they should not all pay for it because not all of them have it from lifestyles.

1 point

because, whites r not just racist to blacks because they feel they have more power? actually backs, whites, Mexicans, Asians, and all other races have the same amount of power in the United States because we r a free country. We r all equal. But maybe we r mistaking who has more power over who is more prouder?

1 point

Their not idiots, maybe you just think that because u think less of them as human beings because they work at a fast food restaurant. It kinda changes your thinking about them. If someone at Macdonald's messes up your oder u think of them as an idiot. But if some one where to mess up on your working on your computer you would see it as a simple error. Its just the position that the worker is in. They have to listen to what u say and treat u with respect no matter how bad u treat them like shit because they r paid to be nice to u.

1 point

So what we r saying here is that everyone that choose to have an unhealthy life style should pay more in health care? Because if so, then wouldn't everyone have to pay a bit more? that includes Drug users?, People who get STD's from unprotected sex?,and what about people that do extreme stuff such as athletes? do they too have to pay more because they r more likely to have health problems?

1 point

I Disagree. the blacks actually hold a strong power in the united states. Also racism isn't just white to back because a white person holds more power. Can an Asian person be racist toward a black person? Can a Mexican be racist toward a White person? The point is it doesn't matter about their power because racism is when a person doesn't like some one because of the color of their skin and heritage,

1 point

I agree we should just get ride of it all together. But fat cells have memory in them. Also if u get liposuction, all that does is reduce the fat and make u look better in person. But it does not teach the mind how to control that persons eating habits and to control portions.,

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