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RSS Keal192NXQ2

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1 point

Technically, there is testing going on for a covid-19 animal vaccine. Testing on animals actually gives insight/benefit for both parties. Understandable, that's just how it is, fight to protect oneself. It doesn't matter if one side fights more or directly fight the other side, in this case, animals and humans.

1 point

Bro, even if it is for the $$$ which is understandable, it's only 20 or 30 dollars, it still helps us either way.

1 point

Wait, offtopic but- is this a teacher on this site?

1 point

Vaccines don't directly harm the animals. If I had to guess, it'd be a smaller portion of the virus that would hurt the animal. Like said, animals and humans are equal. You and I know that. Plus, even if it was a hierarchy, who cares? I don't accept killing or abusing other living animals, but I accept the testing of vaccines on animals. One has benefits, one doesn't.

2 points

Just, read your sentence again and realize the definitions of a vaccine.

Keal192NXQ2(65) Clarified
1 point

Dana is YIsRisenLord, fyi.

1 point

Therefore, it is reasonable to test vaccines on animals as it doesn't show or imply a hierarchy of value upon humans and animals. I thought you prefer animals or would dislike the fact that animals are used for vaccinations, although vaccines do not exactly harm animals, they merely test the animals to see if it is effective.

1 point

So, why give animals empathy and humans disgust? Humans and animals have their flaws.

1 point

1) The most recent vaccines, including the influenza virus are one-time uses and have the innate trait of not being able to expire, in fact, they change twice a year and this is due to the influenza virus mutating. Those that aren't one-time use are treated with thimerosal, which is safe as long as it isn't exposed to fetuses. Thimerosal is not used as much anymore due to one-time use vaccines.

2) Comparing Hitler's followers with the average joe is incoherent. By this logic, you trust anybody that you trust like a god.

Keal192NXQ2(65) Clarified
2 points

I've been seeing this brontoraptor guy, but are you sure PatDickson is bronto?

Winning Position: Is it me, or is this website rather inactive?

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