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RSS Keefe_Sencen

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2 points

Ok,where I’m at is: if they DONT remover trump I’ll riot

No. He really didn’t. He made America resort back to its primitive days. And I say, make America GAY again.



2 points

I think all people in America and the rest of the world are human. But some just don’t decide to act on it.

Yes. Ok, brutal but effective. But this whole debate is about removing trump from office, right? So we want to impeach him because of his irresponsibility with the military force. So, what would we do to prevent the killing of hundreds of American soldiers?

Keefe_Sencen(10) Clarified
1 point

K. It means OK. Sorry about that.sometimes I switch to texting abbreviations. I usually use pretty good grammar and language conventions in a debate though.

You are much so right. My friend Sophie Foster dared me to say that. But if it came to it.... like if a war started, what would we do then?

Keefe_Sencen(10) Clarified
1 point

Hey. Dude I am HARDCORE demrocratic, and I agree that impeachment is in the constitution. But you are right I should read it. Thank you for clarifying your point. But seriously, I am SO NOT republican. My profile is the bisexual pride flag, k?

-Keefe Sencen

Keefe_Sencen(10) Clarified
1 point

Again, I object to the word ‘brit’. I think that it implies a racist and sometimes sexist message. Also. I’m open to teaching YOU about proper debate practice. Thank you, sir.

I’m sorry sir. But may I please point out a flaw in your argument? I have not read the constitution, but I know that, as a legal document, it almost certainly has VERY long words. And I’m also pretty sure the constitution is a pretty long document. I will do some more research on this. So plz don’t ban me.

-Keefe Sencen

Hey. I respectfully disagree with you. I dislike your misuse of the phrase, ‘leftist Brit’ I also believe that we shouldn’t bring in other debate references here. And, not to mean any offense to the other guy, but your now talking to a leftist LGBTQ advocate and American. Sorry. I am not trying to be racist though. 😬

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