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1 point

Abortion is murder no matter what. The baby is a living and has rights.

1 point

If you want to tell someone the truth tell them it respectfully. Their father tragicly passed away and your calling him a rotting corpse. They believe that they felt their father's spirit. Someone's spirit would not feel like a rotting corpse. And could be right about being father's spirit. Or maybe it was their father sending down a message from heaven. And how do you know that what you're saying is the truth. For all you know you could be completely wrong.

1 point

No, I did answer your question. You ate just trying to make yourself sound correct. You just think your better than everyone else because you're an atheist. I will not be replying to anything you say to this comment because you will just lie and be disrespectful.

1 point

With that logic it is not logical to believe in anything. God didn't have a cause. He has been there infinitely.

1 point

Don't be so disrespectful. _

1 point

If you try to commit emotional pain and your God tells you not to then you don't truly follow that God. And please state where your got your statistics for atheists being less likely to commit crimes. And in what way do atheists try to hurt others? Like in all groups some atheists will try to hurt others and some will not. That question is easy to answer. I think you're are just telling lies when you say that some theists can't answer simple questions.

1 point

That is not an inhabitable planet the wind pressure is far too high.

1 point

It is living if it is not born. I will once again bring up the Siamese twin example. If one of then is seperated from the other or if one of them dies then death will occurs for both of them. They can't survive without each other but they are still living. It's like how you can't survive without food or water. A fetus just needs something extra to live. And you do not need to be born too die. What do you think happens to the baby during abortion? It gets killed. It can feel and think.

1 point

Please ask me those questions. I can garuntee that I will be able to answer them all.

1 point

You want evidence for God. Think about this: Everything has a cause. It is impossible for something not to have a cause. So the universe must have had a cause. It can't come out of nothing. So God must have caused it. What was the cause for God? There was none. He had no beginning he was there infinitely.

It is not logical to not believe in God.

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Winning Position: Why do atheists criticize theists believing in God when they believe in ghost, aliens etc
Winning Position: Why do people deny the evidence for evolution?

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