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RSS Kiimeh

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1 point

I'm sorry I had left that out.

The topic concers about Illegal aliens/ immigrants.

1 point

The fundamental issue regarding the abortion debate is not women's rights or other factors which concern personal autonomy, but over the status of the unborn child. Variants of the personal choice argument presuppose that the unborn child is not a human person, for if the unborn child is indeed a human person, then no amount of freedom justifies its elective termination. Henceforth, variants of the personal autonomy argument beg the question by presupposing their conclusions: they are valid if and only if the unborn are not human persons.

First premise is that it is prima facie morally wrong to kill any person. Jane English makes an interesting point that this is not always the case. For example, would not self-defense be a legitimate example of when killing a person is justified? However, the abortion opponent could also claim that fetus' are innocent entities, but even then prima facie it would seem that self-defense would still be legitimate.

A fetus is a person because it posses "intrinsic potentials". However, before that he admits that an argument that shows unborn are persons because they have the persons to become persons is absurd...

0 points

Actually, what I had typed up there was what I meant.

It was a much more simpler debate question,


-We should all look the same


And such. Sorry If I had not made it clear. But you have given me quite a definition on that account.

0 points

Thank you for giving that interesting point.

Homeless should help themselves and not rely on others for codependency but the truth is many of them have accepted the fact that they can't do that and so defend on the street asking for spare change and so fourth. So I do agree to that.

Where can we possibly supply the money to help these poor masses? Welfare you say? The government is digging into taxpayer money to pay for many other problems, and this just adds another weight onto their shoulders. Just too much is being spent on things to try to help this one group when it could be spent on things for the contributing members of society to use. This money should not be spent on the homeless. They aren't helping to pay for anything through taxes.

There are about 300,000 homeless people in Canada and about 750,000 in the United States.


When put into proportion these numbers can become quite significant. To provide every single one of these people with shelter would become quite expensive. Also, in many urban areas it may be hard to set aside land to build social housing. Many tax-payers would much rather have their tax dollars go towards things that directly benefit them, like healthcare and education.

1 point

I'd say that females Are in some way, better students, logically.

And most males are prone to being more athletic, but can also be just as great of a student.

2 points

I agree with you on that, but can you be more specific on why they are forced to be homeless?

Some people have taken advantage of welfare. They are being provided for WITHOUT contribution.

How can we expect the homeless to leave themselves in that kind of predicament? You can not apply this to EVERY homeless person.

1 point

Just the backpacks.

At my school, there was a few guy students who was drinking alchol in the lockerooms. They got caught because they checked his backpack. Others brought condoms >__> It was fairly inappropriate >:[

Student seach seizures SHOULD be allowed.

2 points

No! We should not! >:[

U.S. is already dumb enough! We ranked 23 out of the WHOLE world in the Science area. India and China are WAY ahead of us!

Shortening our time at school is ridiculous. What type of schedules would we have? How would our parents know where we are, and what we are doing? D:

Responsibility? PUH-LEESE, at my school, you can see students gathering behind Big Savers getting down. And there was a girl who took pictures of herself...ahem and the police got involved. WHAT KIND OF RESPONSIBILITY IS THAT?!

[Thank you :D]

2 points

You're probably gonna miss being young,

Your youth D:

But what you won't miss is those embarrassing moments...

I THINK o___o

I think you may be laughing at them in the future.

I can't tell Dx Everything sounds fine to me ):

1 point

Can also be the most



stomach churning,




tormenting feeling,

AFTER the beginning of the "Love phase"

[Devil's advocate :D]

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