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RSS Kilcom

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1 point

That's the way to get ahead in life.

You'll go far.


1 point

Well, yes, but I think the Democrats would run out of wind too soon to make any measurable contribution the the nation's power supply.

1 point

If the moronic nut was in China he would be promoting democracy, until the Red Guard came a rat-a-tat-tatting at his door that is.

1 point

That's okay, the Nom types will just never get what it's all about and are therefore doomed to spend the rest of their miserable lives snapping and disparaging their betters without having thought out or tried to implement a battle plan for success of their own.

The cowardly mind set of these failures is based on the dread of entering the competition as they are aware that their personal inadequacies would inevitably result in them failing at anything they may try.

Their existence is devoted to being negative and not understanding, nor being able to compete in the world in which they live.

As I've stated before, life is a competition and there must be winners and losers.

The constant moaning by the Noms, and his legions of alts, including Newmember, is akin to blaming team A for beating team B because team A had classier, more motivated players who were fitter and more skilled.

You dummies should try to wise up and not be idiots all your lives.

0 points

Life's failures will always try to attribute their lack of achievement on their impoverished upbringing and lack of opportunity.

The opportunities are there for anyone to exploit if they so wish and have the drive and ability to do so.

The children of the more wealthy will, in general undoubtedly receive a better education than their less privileged peers but, as I realized early on in my career, they lack the knowledge of what it was like to be desperately poor and the experiences which such an existence brings.

So, I feel I have an advantage over them as I know what it's like to be clothed in rags, have holes in my shoes and no food in my belly for sustained periods of time but they don't.

When I occasionally mix with the well heeled set I feel smug in the knowledge that I know more about life than they do and I can use my more extensive life experiences to my advantage.

In the main I just enjoy the fruits of my self-made, modest wealth with my family and a few lifelong friends.

Instead of bellyaching and feeling resentful and sorry for themselves the whingers should get their thinking caps on and start to try to improve their lot.

If they don't wish to join the rat race and remain lying on the sofa farting then that's fine, but leave the hyper-achievers alone.

0 points

Success is not necessarily an inherited personality trait as the drive to be successful is, in my opinion, invariably a congenial part of an individual's psyche.

This can be observed in larger families in which most things are constant, such as same parents, same domestic environment etc., but only one family member has the ambition and ability to be successful.

1 point

It would be worth listing and noting the western nations such as 3M who manufacture goods in China and to ostracize them and blacklist their products when this latest Chinese disease abates.

1 point

China is the irrefutable rogue nation that brought death, misery and shocking suffering along with national economic ruin and bankruptcy to millions of private individuals.

Most of the world's weak-kneed political elite ( excluding straight talking President Trump) and such organizations as the W.H.O. have deceitfully and willfully diverted attention away from the source of the disaster and failed to unequivocally apportion blame where it very clearly belongs.

If China is not punished commercially for their criminal neglect and slovenly practices there will be no incentive for them to introduce the necessary improvements in the hygiene habits of their teeming peasant population and bring the country's rearing and marketing of livestock into the 21st century, or even the 20th century.

Such a scenario will mean that a risk of this Chinese virus, S.A.R.S, E-Coli or one of the many other Chinese diseases will devastate the world again.

Kilcom(237) Clarified
-2 points
0 points

Well, certainly Jesus was the most influential character in the history of humankind whose strong personality and powers of persuasion captivated the imagination of almost all whom he met.

His conviction and depth of belief in his faith has endued some 2000 years after his departure from earth and his legacy is the cornerstone of the Christian religion which has a following of over 2 billion people worldwide.

Not bad for the son of a poor carpenter.

Drive, self-confidence,-conviction of purpose,-strength of character, stamina and consistency, just like the successful entrepreneur, all combined to make him the most important, famous and much loved person ''ever to grace this planet''.

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