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RSS Kilcom

Reward Points:36
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1 point

Large regions of the planet are on fire while others are experiencing record rain-storms and flooding. Crops are being ruined on an unprecedented scale and all you are interested in is. BigOats is 100% Brontorapor Alt. Hey nom, ''Cuckoo-Cuckoo''.

1 point

Hi again nom, does each one of your alts speak a different language?

Even if they do, I was of the understanding that cunt was the common tongue of your small nation of cunt speaking alts.

1 point

Nom, why don't you go away with your legions of alts and try forming a few debates of your own.

For your information, any and all topics are welcome on this debating forum and everyone's view is worth considering.

That is everyone who can express themselves without offensive mudslinging and using a torrent of profanities.

1 point

Well, two options here, 1) either nature's/God's gender design which evolved over countless millions of years is flawed, or 2) transgenders whose condition is described as the psychological disorder referred to as dysphoria have been right all along.

It's a difficult choice to make but after due consideration I think I'll run with option 1.

Kilcom(36) Clarified
2 points

Well said.

On a lighter note I would comment that 'it must be one hell of an enormous closet to be able to accommodate all these deviants 1000s of who have been lurking inside all these years.

It doesn't bear thinking about what they were up to while residing there.

God's/nature's boy--girl design seems to confuse some people.

By definition any sexual orientation which deviates from normal hetersexual is abnormal/deviant/freakish/wayward and so forth.

Deviants are born with their abnormal sexual condition, so why don't they accept their abnormality, cease having their gay rights parades gay pride demonstrations, just get on with their lives and leave the rest of us alone.

1 point

The problem which remains is how will they fair out in the private sector trying to make a living for themselves. They cannot use their Royal Titles but they will still be able to retain and use their titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

If they use these titles in pursuit of 'going it alone' they will cheapen the character and international perception of The Royal Family.

'' Hello- Hello, I'm the Duke of Sussex GET YOUR TUTTI-FRUTTI ICE CREAMS HERE''.

It will be most interesting to see if this privileged member of the Royal family chokes on the silver spoon which he was born with in his mouth and runs back to daddy and grandma for a bail out.

When poverty comes through the door, love flies out the window.

Kilcom(36) Clarified
0 points

My interpretation of this article is that the police were guilty of slovenliness and the paralysing Obama disease of executive inertia.

Whilst the outcome was the same there is a difference between blatantly refusing to carry out one's duties and professional/criminal negligence.

All senior officers involved in this disgraceful affair should be charged with gross misconduct and if found guilty, summarily dismissed with their profiles circulated throughout every police force in the country so they could not wiggle their way back into another division.

Kilcom(36) Clarified
0 points

Ah, I know who you mean now. He recently auditioned unsuccessfully for a part as a Munchkin in the remake of The Wizard of Oz.

1 point

Is there actually someone called Raju?

Whoever it is should be arrested and locked up for owning such a ridiculous name.

0 points

''Nice guys don't win''. ''All's fair in love and war''. If you enter a competition the only thing that matters is winning either by fair means or foul.

The one thing which this witch hunt has eclipsed is the skulduggery which BanJo Biden was involved in.

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