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RSS Kingsteve

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1 point

When I found out about the killing in Conneticut, I thought what a Jack Ass the guy who killed the children. So humanity is WRONG!... At the moment. :D

1 point

Ahh but what you dont see is her pospective and why she is so anoying, mabye for some magical reason your just as anoying and she wants a world without you. :D

Kingsteve(67) Clarified
1 point


1 point

OK, so if there was no money in the world then... this is my view...

Say I had Food and You had Shelter, I cant live without Shelter and You cant live without Food, So we want to trade but the trade is not fair, No trade is ever fair so money was invented to people were not fighting of recources.

So if there is no money then peple will become savages and fight over recources, e.g. The Hunger Games or The Stone Age.

The world cant be sustained with no money, but sooner or later some bright spark would invent it.

Thank You.

1 point

Spider Army (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/) (\(\;;/)/)

We all know Girls are scared of spiders, I am not Sexist. :D

1 point

People in poverty cant go to school and if they had the chance they would, because they need to get out of the conditions they are in ,and if you dont wont to go to school give it up, go live in poverty and let another person who wants an education!

1 point


1 point

Name one good thing he has done for the country?-------------------------------

1 point

That because so many people are sexist in the world so they think a Woman is not bold enough or can stand up for their rights. P.S. England has a Priminister, not a President.

1 point

Wtf is wrong with you Honey is like the most important thing in my life and it should be in yours to! Plus they help us breath! Bitch!

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Winning Position: If you can copyright idea's, then why cant you copyright word's?
Tied Positions: We dont need him! vs. We do need him!

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"I am a person... or am I?"

Biographical Information
Name: Dave YogNaught
Gender: Transgender
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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