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RSS KirstenC

Reward Points:4
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2 points

Im an athiest and im proud and yes reading the bible made me an athiest that and i dont get why people worship a random person who they have NEVER met. Its silly and i think "god" is dumb for hating gay people....he is a jerk. Im not gay but i love gay people and it pains me to see people being shunned for it....alittle off topic? yes. True? yes. Haters gonna hate? shoosh yea.

1 point

I would be okay for waiting for treatment as long as i can trust that i will be getting some. Knowing there will be people trying there hardest to help me would make the long wait not as bad. Unlike in the U.S yes we dont have to wait BUT not everyone can pay and not everyone gets cured.

1 point

I agree we should treat others with compassion and consideration. Families and friends are suffering because of the health care system. I believe it is time for change.

1 point

I think the U.S should have universal health care because not everyone is able to pay. Most families cant afford it. Its not fair that just because a child with cancer cant be treated only because his or her parents cant afford it. They should not have to pay to be treated. Thats like paying for your life. If you do not pay, you die. Thats only if the condition is serious enough. Adults and children cant live normal lives because they have to live with a disease. 9/11 veterans dont even get free health care. Im disapointed that doctors are refusing to help and save innocent lives because they dont have the money to pay. What kind of world are we living in?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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