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1 point

One year later, and still you hold activity on this website lol

1 point

It's common sense for me to not find better of self, through simply joining a religion i simply am better. It's as though you say those who are without religion are bad people. I understand the christian faith, but if you paid attention to the question; "would i join," i state no. Reasoning that an establishment has no way to better human being. You're emotionally involved with your side far too much, to make rational notice of a differing statement. It's not that hard to allow people to be good without joining a bandwagon.

1 point

Not at all, i don't believe in something being an absolute truth for many reasons. Most importantly i know firsthand it's invalid. Another big reason being that i find it odd that anything you can simply say, "hey, i'm now bla bla bla." holds low credibility in terms of it being true. Anything you can simply join, is something that is easily not questioned in depth.

1 point

As soon as your joke was only a joke in your mind, and wasn't to others. Typically when the majority of people wouldn't laugh.

1 point

They didn't become anything, we created, sustained, and evolved their reason of duty. We created them with the need to protect ourselves from ourselves. It worked at first, so we sustained the need for them. But the flaw in that method of produce security arises when you realize the nature of the concept. How do we think it's possible to deligate people to be eligible for protecting us from us. When we the public don't protect those who enforce. So they eventually evolved from protecting us, to protecting themselves from hostile people. So no, 1 they have been like this. 2. we made them become as so. 3. they have no choice in which they are protecting.

1 point

I agree in a conceptualized aspect. In my opinion time itself allows existence to remain eternal. Without the flow of time nothing would exist, due to the fact we age etc. Space is an area in which an object is held. Space itself surrounds everything, including time. Without space, time wouldn't maintain itself.

Kite626(714) Clarified
1 point

I'm starting online courses for this upcoming fall for associates. I agree college is needed. I plan on going to corperate. I'm saying that it seems like this was more quick, short and long term. I'm going to start out 11 an hour as well.

1 point

If a good is to exist, he must know. If it wasn't so, you and I would technically be gods. If you think about it, the perception of god is almighty. The only difference between us and a god is flawlessness. If he is an unknowing being, we would technically be gods.

1 point

So from my understanding you're younger? You stated how wisdom comes with age. That's an unwise perspective. You misconceived the cause of wisdom. Time doesn't create wisdom, experiences within the time do. Its also unwise to perceive intelligence as something that can be gauged. The mental apptitude of someone is incomprehensible. Yet you seem to have comprehensively gauge at least 2billion people. Assuming is unwise, and according to your outlook, you are young. Your reasoning is irrational.

1 point

What if that information was a form of manipulation? Reading something doesn't make it true. I'll put it in analogy of what google plausibly is.

lets say I create a program ran through a Bluetooth headset. On this headset I allow people to ask questions, and my information is automated response to voice recognition. Lets say you ask me whether or not god is real. Then I present the automated responses. If my intent is to dissuade the populace I would lie and let them here what pleases them. Which is the same concept of google. People find the Mayan calendar to be bullshit, yet we listen to the all knowing google. People ask for the future weather, climate and more. I think Mayans tried predicting and answering questions through and omnipotent power too. We treat google as a god, our tribute to this god is money for the internet, making us unaware, and them more powerful.

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