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RSS KneeShell

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2 points


Most Christians don't even read their own bible, except for the cherry-picked parts from their preacher.

1 point

Stupid things creationists say......................

1 point

Oh, and a comment from this video you should consider:

"The sad fact is not that this guy does not realize the banana he holds has been selectively bred. The sad fact is that, even if he came to understand this, it would do nothing to shake his faith. Believers claim all sorts of falsehoods and predictions, yet when the truth shines through or the predictions fail to occur, their level of faith rarely diminishes."

1 point

That is subjective. When I see the universe and it's complexity, I don't think to myself "Gee, this must have been made by god!!" I think "There is no possible way this could've been made by god." There is evidence for evolution. Evolution disproves Adam and Eve, which means there was no original sin, which means Jesus had nothing to die for, which disproves the bible. Not to mention, there are several contradictions in the bible.

Then you look at the people who have "evidence" supporting god and you get people like this.

1 point

Noooooo take me with you! I don't want to stay here with the annoying orange president!

1 point

No. There are billions and billions of planets out there, and the how likely is it that we're the only one that can support life? Not very likely.

1 point

If were as confident in your religion as you claim to be, you wouldn't feel the need to spit random bible passages at people online.

2 points

I couldn't agree more. Think of all the hate crimes that could be prevented without religion. Truly moral people don't need a book to know right from wrong.

2 points

Well, considering there is no evidence of such god, (assuming you're Christian) Christianity is equally a lie.

1 point

Maybe you should do some research then. Read a few books on evolution? Try reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins. He destroys any argument against evolution.

Winning Position: Do you believe in life on other planets?

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