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RSS Know-It-All

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Of course I'm against racism. Every single person or even living thing has rights. If there are laws helping animals, there should be a law against racism.

2 points

Of course I do! God would send you all to hell just questioning this thing. If you dig deeper in the connection of science and religion, you would start thinking of stuff like that.

1 point

NO it shouldn't! That is abusing him! I'm just going to say, ABSOLUTELY NO!

1 point

Not really because Mario's graphics weren't so sophisticated and good ;they were mostly pixels; and Mario became one of the most popular games in the world with everlasting value.

1 point

I prefer how I met your mother for it's message to 30 year olds and it's fun and entertaining comedy of diversity between each character.

1 point

Life without school is terrible!!

Without education you'll be embarrased to not know stuff!!!

1 point

You are right because no one can be lucky all the time.

If you were lucky 2 times, you'll start expecting being lucky, and simply, you'll not be.

1 point

Being good is better than being lucky cuz if ur good people help you and u dont need to be lucky.

1 point

You cannot meet god because he a a great enourmous power that cannot be seen for its greatness!!

And even if u see god that means he exists!!

2 points

This so-called director is just a hater that hates muslims

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Winning Position: Best Plot, lovable characters... Who?
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About Me

"I know right from wrong and I always side the right side, so watch out, I bite my enemies!"

Biographical Information
Name: Jana A.
Gender: Girl
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Lebanon
Education: High School

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