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RSS Kraken

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

When YOU look out upon society, most likely you see a canvas of law abiding citizens going on about their daily business.

I see Liberal cities being burned down by Communist front groups.

When a COP looks out on society, they see a cop killer lurking behind every corner.

Then why don't you become a cop and show them how it's done? Nevermind. The left wing CHAZ created their own police. 8 people got shot. Looks like the cops are better at being non killer cops than leftists are at being non killer cops.

Plus, when minorities become cops, the left calls them coons and Uncle Toms. Then they shoot them. Hard to diversify an institution that the left has no interest in diversifying.

1 point

The assertion of a liberal capitalist that their own system is the best is not evidence that its the best.

It's evidence that Capitalism is Liberal.

Now go ahead and say I'm racist for disagreeing with a brown person, as if thats supposed to be relevant to me because I'm generally left wing in thought.

She's black, not brown, and from Somalia.

1 point

Does a rotten apple in a barrel SPREAD the ROT, or do the healthy apples CURE it?

The Democratic Party let in the Communists and pandered to them, and now Noam Chomsky and JK Rowlings, both liberals, get cancelled by left wing, totalitarian cancel culture.

Does a rotten apple in a barrel SPREAD the ROT

Looks like that's a yes.

1 point

The left, by your definition of the left, starved 3.9 million people during this same time period.

As for Berlin, why would any Conservative American care what Europe or the Russians do with their trash?

1 point

I think you might be gay.

I think you might be seven

You're still gay.

1 point

Then why do very rich people have a disproportionate suicide rate?

Because most rich people are Nihilists. Soon enough, the rich Nihilists will kill the poor Nihilists or enslave them. That's you. What did you think Communism was being used for "burrito"? To make YOUR life better? Or THEIRS?

1 point

Lol. What? I like burritos so that makes me racist? Good one.

You EAT the burritos? You were mis-labeled. You're just a bean packer.

1 point

Which Communist country are you pointing to as your example?

-1 points

Nom caught proving he is Hitlerian

Nom quote:

"Corbyn and his socialist army are coming for you. There is no escape. There is only assimilation or death."

Nom Quote:

"Shut up you extremist Jew prick." Jews oftheworldItscomingAGAINHATEisintheairYoucanFEELitcantyou

-1 points

Still waiting for you to show us one example of Trump being Hitlerian. We're at 5 or 6 in a row with you being unable to show anything. It's making you look pretty stupid. Of course you are pretty stupid, so that explains that.

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