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RSS Kriska

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I am a woman and I say no. There are a lot of Republican woman with years rather than months of experience in states with more electoral votes. I am a Westerner and I say no. Washingtonians are not known for looking to Alaska for our leaders. I am the daughter of a mother who had a child at 44 I say no. The challenge of motherhood later in life and especially if the child has a handicap is large. The child must come first and the presidency requires I am a person concerned about corruption I say no. She is under investigation of imisuse of power.

1 point

No, I would not but it is only because I do not have the science background that would ne necessary in the years that I have left. In the future I could see colonies that I would be able to live in, but as a pioneer now I do not see it as possible. My Great-grandfather came out out Western to Washington when he was 18. Pioneering is a young person's activity. Thank goodness we have youth

5 points

Gov. Jeanne Shaheen has made a pledge on her campagin website to support the middle class. This includes positive educational reforms, fair taxatin and health care reform. will her plans help the middle class

6 points

Gov Shaheen pledged for no taxes to be elected Governor and now she is running for Senate. Does the dropping of the pledge to pass a 2.5% tax increase give John Sununu campaign strength.

6 points

John Sununu campagin has a strategy to duplicate its come from behind win which he experienced in the last election. The tothenberg Report has compared the polls and how Sununo and others have come from behind.

6 points

John Sununu has chosen to contribute $10,000 from Senator Stevens PAC since his indictment. Will this cause him any problems to his election and will he be able to distance himself from the Senator's problems. You can compare the other senators who are following his lead at

9 points

Will organizations like the Envioronmental Defense Fund help Sununu support his environmental and energy policy with the citizens of New Hampshire. See the attached thank you note published.;=f2ctww37r3.app44b

5 points

Barrack Obama slightly leads McCain in the State of New Hampshire. Can Jeanne Shaheen reap benefit from this lead. Janne Shaheen is polling ahead of independence which is the population that McCain and Obama has been courting.

6 points

Is the fact that John Sununu has not run television or radio ads a sign that the polls reflect only a national point of view and not a predictor of New Hampshire election results and what can be expected after John Sununu begins running advertisements.

8 points

Sunnunu has been able to raise close to 7 Million and has not had to spend more than a third of his funds on hand in comparision to Governor Shaheen's 4 million and has had to spend half her funds on hand. Will fundraising have an impact on this election and which is more important fundrising or advertising. What is the impact on fundraising on this election.

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