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RSS Kuklapolitan

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10 most recent arguments.

Not at all. Read my response's not as on the fence as you think.

No it does not! How would it and how could it minimize a sacred institution? It is only that the playing field is now leveled to include varying factions than ever before.

I actually come down on this side because we are, indeed, a free people and it is a free country. The only thing that disturbs me is that people from other lands who come to America some don't wish to learn our language. We are all free to speak whatever language we wish to speak but I shouldn't be surprised if I could not make myself understood to the masses. I do not wish to sound at all prejudiced but the Hispanic people seem to have a problem learning the language of their adopted land. I do resent having products and services labeled in Spanish as well as English. To me this does not foster the idea of having to learn our language. Rather it tells people we will bend when it comes to the subject. Myself and my family had to learn to speak English when we came here and the same should be expected of others who, at the very least, wish to be educated here.

It is an utterly ridiculous argument. All people deserve equal rights...that's why they're called human rights. Your argument that Gay people do not have the right to adopt is a false one. Many gay people adopt children successfully and their children do thrive for the most part. Unlike alcoholics and drug addicts they don't have the added headache of their children being born addicted. All people deserve respect and any human right that all others enjoy without prejudice.

I am not an advocate of the death penalty, however, if there must be such a thing at least let it be by lethal injection.

Why can't people decide to take some responsibility for their lives, their taste or their allergies? They might think it better to complain to the airline and put a bit of pressure on them to have a better assortment of 'snacks' for them to eat or, safer still, bring their own along with them for the flight.

With all of the exposure this past year we've come to understand that cheating on your wife knows no boundaries...not Democrat or Republican and if, as Pyg says, they're all a bunch of scumbags why should it matter? It matters because it should. That's why most of the peopple who get caught doing it are now out of office.

We have a love affair with those who present themselves as honest, upstanding citizens running as candidates. We want them to be squeaky clean and if we find out anything about them that would alter that impression they're gone and they know it. That's why they try so hard to hide it.

Does it make them any less qualified to do their job? No, it doesn't but I wouldn't trust them again in any area of job or life.

I agree with everyone but Joe. ````````````````````````````````````

Nuclear Weapons are nothing but mass murder and destruction which is unnecessary and an unspeakable act of profound violence.

And the award goes to.....Arnold Schwartzenegger. I think he's the worst major actor on any screen.

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

Tied Positions: 2 years or more vs. 1 year or more
Tied Positions: No, just more taxes vs. Yes, that's true
Winning Position: Thanksgiving or sooner
Winning Position: Individualism
Winning Position: Obama all the way
Winning Position: No, Enough already
Tied Positions: No, it takes two vs. Yes, that's all it takes

About Me

"Here's little pal I named myself after! Even though I come off as serious, I love to laugh, absolutely, until my sides hurt me. Never judge a book by its cover for you may be totally incorrect in the assumption. If one never sees the errors they make in life and in dealing with others, they are doomed to repeat the behavior. "Past is Prologue"

Biographical Information
Name: Chris B.
Gender: Female
Age: 76
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: 06811
Religion: Protestant
Websites: My Space

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