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RSS KyleEllis

Reward Points:13
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0 points

I was amazed at how well Palin did.

I also thought it was disrespectful how Biden tried to say McCain didnt fund the troops. At least he mentioned TIMETABLE! How bad is it of the DEMS to try and end the war by putting our troops funding on the line?

-1 points

Palin showed she needs to be taken seriously. She more then made up for her TV interview. However, I admit, I think Biden did a fine job as well. Both were very respectful. I give the nudge to Palin though!

-3 points
3 points

McCain will win the bible belt states. I think he should conceid all west coast states. Possible conceid the Northeastern States.

Michigan, Ohio, and Flordia will be instrumental in him winning. He might be able to win without Michigan but it might mean he would have to win another big state that normally goes Democrat.

Cant wait till election night!

2 points

If Hillary was the Democartic runner, she may have picked a black man to get the black vote.

Anyway, Palin is the right choice for McCain!

My Thoughts on Palin- I said her name wrong, my apoligies!
3 points

I support Bush. Not many do. It is a true statistic that many internet users are Democrat. This site is no exception.

However, I will be glad I dont have to listen to Bush bashing every day on the news, in class, ect.

2 points

He would teach my kid how to survive. It would be like having Cotton Hill watch my kid. Plus, my kid could say he meet a real American hero!

-1 points

McCain Now!

Obama, Never!

I dont see McCain lasting eight years as President. However, I think he will accomplish something in one term. Obama is not the man for the job. He simply is dangerous!

Why? For one, he wants to slow our advancement in weapondery. He wants to meet straight up with NuttJob over in Iran. Guess he wants their military to catch up with ours so we can have a fair fight.

Winning Position: Biden

About Me

"Hi My name is Kyle, my passion, politics! Yes, I am a Republican but I can vote Democrat if I feel they are the right choice. I am wanting to major in Political Science and hopefully one day run for office. Lets debate, maybe we might learn something! A Few of My Stances... -Pro Life -Mixed on Gay Marriage -Support Iraqi War, but feel it should end soon. -I am supporting McCain/Palin 2008. -I think we need to fix global warming."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: In College
Websites: My Political YouTube

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