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1 point

I am with Rouhani (liberal).

Many people are going to talk about evil and how Iran is full of it. Even if this was true (which its not. Even their president, who is elected by the people, doesn't like the fighting in the surrounding countries and just wants more economic growth and democracy) they wouldn't be able to make nuclear weapons to harm anyone. To make a nuke the uranium needed would need an enrichment of at least 90%. However the deal with Iran limits them with only up to 3.67% enrichment which can literally only be used for power/electricity.

Another problem with the evil point of view is why take away the deal that is stopping them from having the means to make nukes. The only beneficial thing the deal is bringing to Iran is the lift of some sanctions. Within 8 months of lifting the sanctions Iran has seen an increase in economic growth with over an 4% growth in 2016 which is great and is figured to continue to grow. With the sanctions put back on they would lose this creating worse times for Iran and possibly causing chaos with Iran, countries around Iran, and the U.S..

Supporting Evidence: Rouhani speech (
LILLIS(8) Clarified
1 point

we already made popcorn and are jamming out there is no point in going back. woooo!!!!!

1 point

well now that you dont want one I think we should celebrate it.

1 point

Especially in a country that is suppose to be "free" people should be allowed to be who they are no matter their religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, or anything else. The only thing that should be limited are the actions of those people that could violate others liberties such as life. The safety of the people is the most important thing and should be held as the highest importance despite religion, race, ect. As long as the safety of others is respected people should have the ability to be "free". Just because a criminal is of a certain race, religion, gender, ect. does not mean everyone of the same category is a criminal it just means that particular person is in the wrong.

LILLIS(8) Clarified
1 point

Well that is not entirely true. Some states in the U.S. have passed a law where workers like waitresses and such can refuse to service people based on their religious or personal views. An example is a Catholic waiter can refuse to serve a gay person. So there is some form of public discrimination in some places but not all.

3 points

Well idk how that happened. I came into the classroom a liberal and left a conservative.

1 point

Building a new wall will not stop people from Mexico wanting to get over to America. We already have a barrier in between the two countries that covers about 700 miles out of almost 2000 miles of border. This may not seem like a lot at first but about half of the border has its own natural barriers like the Sonoran Desert which see hundreds of deaths from people trying to cross it. Not only that but the wall we already have in place does not have a good success rate at stopping people from coming over illegally. With about 7.8M illegal immigrants in the U.S. reported from 2009-2013 who were born in Mexico or other Central American countries compared to a measly 421,000 border apprehensions in 2013.

Supporting Evidence: statistics (
2 points

It may be true that we get a lot of imports of vehicles from Japan but did you look at all of the american companies/factories that have a high percent of their productions being exported to other countries. If we stay with the topic of cars, Ford,GM, and Jeep send large portions of their productions made in America overseas every year. In 2014 GM exported over 380,000 cars alone from their factories in America. And because of these huge sales in other countries, in 2015 GM announced their investment of new plants in America creating thousands of new jobs for our fellow Americans. I would say this is a win for us and our economy.

Supporting Evidence: Export paper 2015 (
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