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RSS LRyuuzaki

Reward Points:51
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2 points

Can you honestly say capitalism is any better? Furthermore do you know what communism even is? Or are you just a flaming studiophobic anti-intellectual counter intelligence agent?

1 point


don't be one these determinist science nerd sociopaths

You are quite literally one of the most nauseatingly stupid people I have ever met. You are so stupid that you associate science with sociopathy, in a way you are literally saying "knowledge is insanity and ignorance is compassion." Also only worthless little kids who will never amount to anything and the adults they grow into think that science is "for nerds". And lastly, it is indicative of nothing but pure weakness if you think accepting determinism means that you don't take action. You need an ideological crutch, that's all it is, you can't handle reality because you're a bitch and by your own admission you don't know shit because you are dismissive of science itself and think it's "nerdy"

1 point

This is nothing but a massive troll debate. I know ten minorities who voted for Trump and like 100 white liberal hippies who smoke pot and are vegan.

1 point

Laws are a real made up social construct.


1 point


Considering that you think the universe is a simulation your position is somewhat reasonable. However, I have already gone over why I don't think it is a simulation in another thread and even if it was, I think evolution would still be more likely. After all, the main purpose of the simulations is probably scientific in nature, part of their purpose could be to witness how life begins and evolves in a natural universe.

LRyuuzaki(51) Clarified
2 points

No martial arts, no, I think health and safety rules at the school would have prevented that.

You mean the big fat pussy rules?

1 point

If there was three socks on a table, there would still be three socks on a table if no one was there to count them.

LRyuuzaki(51) Clarified
1 point


"Free speech is intended to protect the controversial and even outrageous word; and not just comforting platitudes too mundane to need protection."

- Colin Powell

LRyuuzaki(51) Clarified
1 point

That's not a very intelligent way to react to such an environment.

Maybe not, but damn near everyone on this site has pissed me off.

What I learned is that it's not useful to fight the fools, it's useful to bond with the 'good ones'.

You are right. But "Mein Kampf" so to speak is fighting the tremendous stupidity and tyranny of our current civilization. The brainwashing and the superstition etc. is just too much for me to undo, you can only beat a dead horse for so long. I initially came here to teach and learn, and I have learned a few things. But I haven't been able to "wake up" any of these people. How long can I throw diamonds at a brick wall? Eventually I ran out of diamonds and started throwing shit. It may be more useful to bond with the 'good ones', but the good ones are not the ones who need their erroneous bullshit corrected. It's the stupidity of the majority that allows the tyranny of the few to bring about the detriment of all and the downfall of our entire fucking species.

LRyuuzaki(51) Clarified
1 point


Nigga is just a word at the end of the day, it is just a sound that you make with your mouth. In some extra terrestrial language the same sound could mean "rock" or "cookie". What matters is not the sound but what you mean by it and what others perceive when they hear it. So depending on the context and who you are saying it too it could be meant and/or perceived as racist or it could be meant and perceived the same as if an actual nigga said it.

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