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RSS Lachrymosa

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1 point

Depression IS a serious problem. And you know nothing about it, have no experience of it, and yet you think you have the right to run your mouth about it and judge others who are suffering?

You're spoiled, ignorant, and hateful, and I feel sorry for you. End of story.

1 point

Okay, now you're not even making sense. So they need help, but they don't deserve it because it's all their own fault? If it's all their own fault and they could magically help themselves, then how do they need help?

I would 100% agree with your argument if we were talking about whiny emo kids cutting themselves. We're not. We're talking about people who are legitimately suffering from a legitimate mental disease and are actually affected by it to the point of killing themselves. By the way, no one kills themselves because of the reasons you just listed. You're just making strawman arguments. People kill themselves because they're depressed. And when you're depressed, you can't see the world accurately. Sure, maybe you are causing your own problems, maybe you could solve them, maybe they ARE tiny in the big scheme of things. But either you can't see that--or worse, you CAN see it but still can't seem to make yourself feel better, and so it makes them feel even worse because there's a little voice inside their head making EXACTLY the kind of arguments you're making. Telling them that they're a pussy, that they don't deserve help, that they're weak and if they didn't suck so bad they could get over everything on their own. And people are afraid to get help because they're afraid that if they let anyone know what's going on inside their mind, they'll get judged in exactly that way. And that, by the way, is why people like you are the reason they don't get help. If anyone actually suicidal is reading your posts, then you just confirmed for them all their worst fears. You just confirmed that they're a worthless piece of shit and that everyone is just going to judge them and look down on them for having problems that they can't control.

If anyone suicidal reads your post, you probably just pushed them to go through with killing themselves. And you probably don't even care. Not only that, but you've obviously never been through anything remotely related to depression yourself, or had a loved one go through it. So WHO is the spoiled cunt here, again?

You're lucky to be ignorant enough to be able to say such things.

1 point

It has nothing to do with being weak-hearted or narrow-minded. It has to do with depression. And comments like this are why people that need help don't get it, and end up seeing no way out and offing themselves.

1 point

I would agree if you were just talking about emo kids cutting themselves because it's a fashion statement, but we're talking about people ACTUALLY KILLING THEMSELVES. Even if you're a spoiled upper middle-class white kid, if you're pushed that far, then by definition you are one of the ones who is in need of help. You're also by definition not a pussy, since it takes a LOT of guts to be able to overcome the survival instinct, no matter how depressed you are. I agree that we need to help those who are actually in trouble...but people like you are one of the biggest reasons why people who need help DON'T get it.

tl;dr what kind of fucking drugs are you on to say that people killing themselves aren't in need of help

1 point

Dude, all anyone anywhere of any belief system is ever going to do is campaign for what's right according to their own definition. Derp.

2 points

That makes no sense whatsoever. According to the typical Christian beliefs, abortion is murder of a child. Would you say that since God has everything planned out, Christians shouldn't try to stop people from abusing their children? That if there's a country where people are being tortured to death by their government, Christians should sit back and be fine with it because obviously it's all in God's plan? According to your logic, that would have to be true, but I'm pretty sure you'd find very few people to agree with you on that one.

1 point

Uh, so you're assuming that people only date outside their race for shallow reasons? What if they just happened to find someone who isn't the same race as them, that they're in love with, that makes them happy? Why should they not be together? Someone of the same race is automatically going to make them happier than someone of a different race?

What the hell, son. Sense, try making it.

1 point

Personally, I love cats because they're smarter than dogs and they have a snarky attitude I can appreciate. :)

1 point

I'm pretty sure most people know that cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food can cause health problems without there being a shiny warning label on it. They just don't care, and putting warnings isn't going to change that.

1 point

Honestly, it really does depend on the story. Some stories work better in movie form, some work best as a book, some work best as a TV show or a video game, etc. But in general, I much prefer books. They exercise your brain moreso than movies do, they require you to use your imagination, and they enable you to get inside the characters' minds and feel much closer to them than a movie ever will.

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Name: Abby 
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Postal Code: 31217
Religion: Other
Education: In College

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