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RSS Lama

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1 point

I'm 6'1, should I be able to be a jockey? Or ride the kids rides?

If the midget has abilities that are at the same level as the other players then they should get a spot, however allowing them into the team just to be politically correct would be the downfall of 1. the team and 2.any other places where affirmative action is incorporated.

1 point

I understand your violation of human rights argument, and I completely agree. However, if you allow and encourage everyone to take their shirts off, then your going to have the issue of men taking pictures of women and posting them on the internet. So while I fully support men and women having completely equal rights I'm not ignorant to the harassment, abuse and just plainly, bad treatment of women if they chose this, but I'd always support their right to.

However, because society has deemed it acceptable for men to be shirtless it would be 1. too difficult to change and 2. much too difficult to police

4 points

I didn't realise that homosexuals harassed you. Followed you around, threw things at you, vandalised your property? Poor you.

Get over yourself. Your choice is fine. Be an alcoholic. Don't impose it on other people. Homosexuality is not a choice, but they don't impose it on you. Get out of their lives and get one of your own.

They suffer enough because of ignorant fools like you

0 points

This girl is 12 and quotes Horton. Her arguments are typical and display no originality. Don't get a 12 year old to fight your fights. -.-

1 point

Religion is anything except crucial to living in the modern world. It features outdated ideals, many of which have been cast aside due to their lack of relevance to modern society. For example "Wives, submit to your husbands" (Ephesians 5:22)

These types of outdated, not to mentions discriminatory and sexist ideals, have no place in our schools and should definetly not be taught as "the truth" to the young members of our society.

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