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RSS LarryElder

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LarryElder(45) Clarified
1 point

"subversive activities"

The government should definitely police any crimes, but not thoughts.

Pretend to be a Conservative on social media for a day then.

1 point

Bronto Needs To Explain Why He Has Hitler's Birthday Marked On His Calendar

Looked on the waterfall and saw you were mocking Jews like Hitler again.

1 point

Ahahahahahaha! You mad little bastard. I'm the one who is "illiterate"??????????? Lmfao.

Hello Mr Hanson. I read your articles on and have a question on something you wrote in Enemies Of Language. In your article you refer to Nazi Germany as having been “right wing.” What are the things you believe made it right wing?

You left this part out clearly.

In short, I think Hitler and his predecessors were somewhat accurate in calling this hybrid movement of socialism at home and nationalism abroad Nationalsozialismus, and so we are mostly right in calling Nazism, as outsiders in World War II, who had to deal with its foreign policy, as “right-wing,” at least in comparison to Stalin’s left-wing version of mass extermination

AKA right of Stalin but still Socialist.

And it also points out that Stalin, whom you admire, was worse than Hitler concerning mass murders. In other words you admire worse than Hitler. God you're sick.

0 points

Your link literally debunks you:-

From the article:

National Socialism was an odd hybrid, reflecting both the adjective National and the noun Socialism. In Hitler’s view, socialism in the German context meant more or less what it implied: anti-capitalist screeds, lots of entitlements and government services, infrastructure building, deals for like-sounding corrupt cronies, and government supervised education, recreation, environmentalism, and employment.

But Nazi economics were not so all-inclusive socialist as communism

You laughing while seeming to be illiterate is kind of sad to witness really.

*Fiscal destruction: Confiscatory taxation of property and income in Nazi Germany

The second form of confiscatory taxation was a capital levy on wealth imposed in 1938 after the annexation of Austria. Earlier the same year, all assets had been registered with the local tax office. As with the migration tax, assessment was at book values according to the tax code to prevent undervaluation. The capital levy was first set at 20% and later increased retroactively to 25%, as the intended revenue target was originally not met. Based on its revenue, the implied net value of assets in 1938 would be 4.5 billion Reichsmarks, a value also cited in the 1947 source underlying Table 1. In a study of dispossession in Austria, Junz (2002) finds a slightly lower value of 4.3 billion Reichsmarks.

A third form of confiscatory taxation consisted two further levies. The first targeted the proceeds from the foreclosure of remaining businesses, imposed after the Kristallnacht pogroms of November 1938. The second consisted in the final transfer of all previously confiscated liquid assets to the central government budget under an executive order of November, 1941. Table 2 lists all fiscal dispossession in Germany excluding Austria after March 1938.

Table 2 Fiscal dispossession, 1938-1944 (billions of Reichsmarks)

0 points

I've asked you seven times to provide me with any qualified historian

0 points

(Dinesh Dsouza)

Every person that graduates from college takes history classes. It's required.

Dsouza was pardoned of his "felony"

Dsouza was a policy adviser in the administration of President Ronald Reagan.

Looks very qualified to me.

I've asked you seven times to provide me with any qualified historian. You're probably the most stupid and laughably dishonest person on Earth. Probably. It's either you or JustIgnoreMe.

It's you.

1 point

I mean people who have been to university, studied history and passed

Friedrich Hayek

Univesity of Vienna

New York University

1 point

I mean people who have been to university, studied history and passed.

Dinesh Dsouza

College: Dartmouth

1 point

You're a fucking joke. Literally all anybody has to do is view the title to see they are discussing the exact same one book ever written by anybody with any kind of academic qualification which has ever argued that the Nazis had anything to with socialism.

Not true. You've attacked two authors already, and I'm not going to list every book ever written after you claimed there were none even after I provided you multiple books.

One book. In the history of books. And not even written by a historian.

If it were "one book", and it wasn't, you'd still be wrong in saying it was "a consensus".

What a fucking laughing stock you are.

Your claim was proven false. By "laughing stock" you mean that you have no adult or logical response. I just proved your entire claim false. You lost the debate. Accept the L.

1 point

Dinesh Joseph D'Souza (/dɪˈnɛʃ dəˈsuːzə/; born April 25, 1961) is an Indian-born American author, filmmaker, convicted felon

Who was imprisoned by Obama for a "crime" that Obama had no problem with left wingers committing because he made a documentary about Obama.

and conspiracy theorist

The default smear title of the left for anyone who provides proof of the left conspiring.'Souza

What a fucking joke.

Wikipedia is a joke.

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