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RSS LaughingDog

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Marijuana legalization was voted on in four states dominated by Republicans. How'd it do?

Marijuana is legal in part or fully legal in almost every state. And most states where it's fully legal are majority Republican. Not sure what your point was.

2 points

Is all immigration good all of the time?

Hello M:


So you supported the Nazi invasion and takeover of Poland?

0 points

The dems don't have to WIN in November, cause right wingers are killing themselves off.. You could call the virus left wing voter suppression.

The amount that are allegedly dead from the virus wouldn't even almost move the needle on an election.

1 point

People should wear masks at BLM protests (they mostly do)

and at Trump rallies (they mostly don't)

Source needed.

0 points

4 White Men Allegedly Set Black Woman on Fire in Wisconsin in Suspected Hate Crime

The story doesn't give the politics of the white men. For all I know it was 4 Democrats setting someone like Candace Owens on fire, or none of those involved were political. It's strange that you assume a white person must be a Republican when white, male, registered Republicans are a small percentage of the population.

3 points

Is the confederate flag YOUR heritage?

It's the heritage of people who call people fake Jews like Hitler.

1 point

Looks like we’re going for heard immunity. 2 million may die

Sweden and Japan used the same approach but from the beginning. Their death counts are low. You should watch less fake news.

1 point

Pelosi calls president a child with ‘doggy doo’ on his shoes

Nobody listens to her because she's never sober.

0 points


Was Jason Kessler a Barack Obama supporter?

True. He told us (and has consistently said elsewhere) that he was an Obama supporter and voted for him.

1 point

Fuck the WHO seeing they work for China. And fuck China too.

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