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RSS Layharper1

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Do you mean kind of how it messes with your grammer and makes you not really make sense?

1 point

I agree with you, however Daniel, a lot of people here (think about the people at lunch). Also, nice example there with the eye thing.

1 point

I know, when people do that, it makes me want to hit them. It is so annoying.

1 point

I agree with you but I don't. Most people don't use full sentences when texting, I do but I didn't know anyone else did until I read your answer.

3 points

I honestly believe that, yes, texting does have adverse effects. I'm not saying this just because I don't have a cell phone and want one, I say this because I have had a cell phone and I texted almost non stop, I got to the point where if I didn't text people back almost immediately, they thought something was wrong, even during school. Now, I regret having that because many people, especially my close friends, have noticed that I have an even harder time talking to someone unless it is in Instant Messaging or E-mails, and I know if i had texting I would be doing that constantly, and it's not just me, there are many others I have seen become more isolated and their main means of communication is texting. Also, in some of my classes we have to read and grade other people's writing, and it bugs me immensely when someone uses "text-speak" in their writing, or even IM-ing me. I also think it effects people's spelling and grammar, because when you text you don't need to know how to spell, nor do you need to even really make grammatical sense. Most kids, and some adults, have problems spelling and I think it is because either they just don't care about actually sounding intelligent, or they don't realize they don't know how to spell something because when you are texting it doesn't matter if you spell right, or use proper grammar.

-1 points

How would you feel if they monitored you Daniel? Would you just sit idly by and let them? Would you do something about it?

3 points

Honestly, I don't believe that the government should be able to monitor anyone without them knowing that there is at least the chance of being monitored. I believe that would be an invasion of privacy, which means it would go against the Bill of Rights our Founding Fathers put into place. I don't think that anyone has the right to go against the Bill of Rights.

-1 points

Honestly, No, I would not turn my husband in. I love him very much and I know what it feels like to be without him. Those 3 or 4 years we were apart were some of the darkest years I have ever known. I didn't think I would be happy again. When we got back together almost a year ago I finally felt hope again and since then I have been happier and more hopeful than ever. If he really did commit murder then I would more than likely help him cover it up and take care of everything for him, because thats what he would do for me. But i dont think he would be the one to commit murder unless the person did something to hurt me.

1 point

Thats what I said, you copycat.

0 points

In my personal opinion if you better yourself in the long run you can better the world. I mean you have to focus on yourself before you can take on the problems of the world and trying to fix them, or you will end up having a break down or something.

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