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RSS Lazy-Assed

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1 point

Nuclear fuel, 2.4 cents per kilowatt-hour, is 10 times cheaper than fuel produced from oil, 22.48 cents per kilowatt-hour. This is why Nuclear fuel is better than oil which is what Iran currently uses. So if we impose the Iran Nuclear Deal, then we would be limiting Iran's capabilities to use Nuclear energy further putting Iran in an economic strain which does not promote global cooperation. America's isolationist days are over. We should work together as a world in order to take down our new enemy, CHINA!

2 points

We should not limit Iran's Uranium capacity to 300kg because this is limiting Iran's capability to use Nuclear power. In return, Iran will continue to use oil which is much dirtier energy which will continue to widen the Ozone hole. If you want a clean beautiful world you should be against the Iran Nuclear Deal.

2 points

The Iran nuclear deal requires Iran to enrich its Uranium to 3.67% which is not enough for medical grade Uranium at 20% enrichment. This can increase the mortality rate among Iranians due to the fact that radioisotopes such as Uranium can be used to treat cancers such as leukemia, sterilize a patient, and also show doctors, the area in which the problem is occurring.

1 point

But then again, with such a small government how can we all coexist? All of the different currencies and laws make it very difficult to have small democracies littered across the nation.

0 points

Of course, we should ratify the constitution. Some may say that the constitution is going to cause too much gridlock. Yes, it will cause gridlock but this gridlock is what drives our government. To explain, the constitution is made so that we have debates in order to bring up both sides of the argument. Once both sides of the argument are brought up, we take a deep look at both sides and then make the most sensible decision from there. Not just this, we know that humans are selfish and only look out for themselves. So how can we use this selfishness to our advantage? Checks and Balances. Through checks and balances, we can have different people with different ideas to debate and check on each other to ensure that the best decision is made.

1 point

Yeah I agree! Isn't it a giventhat everyone should get along? The question is how do we get along?

1 point

I agree! For sure people need to have an open mind about things.

1 point

Well, my question for you is, how do we teach or show people how to respect people? If we are not going to teach it in schools what is your idea?

1 point

But we are not able to just snap our fingers and automatically respect people. If we educate people about how horrible people have been treated and what people deserve then that will most certainly be the beginning to a solution to this problem. But we must approach things with an open mind in order to fully hear and grasp the concept of respecting someone.

3 points

Race is not talked about too much in school. Most schools teach history as it is and the fact that we politicize the fact that our schools teach students history in order to benefit a political campaign is absurd. The truth is that this statement is another wedge issue that Trump has put out in order to hopefully gain votes. Not just this, it is also disregarding history. It is clear that history is embedded in our government and lives and so therefore it is important for us to learn about it. Because of this, I cannot seem to wrap my head around the fact that we are disregarding history in order to gain votes. It is absolutely scary to know that America has come to this. It makes me wonder what is next?

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